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high blood pressure

I have been away from the board for a while, but I know I always have friends here.  Just to back track, I had a tt in May 2007 for pap. carcinoma.(2.6cm and .1 cm with 2 lymph nodes)  Went through RAI, after 7 months, got my meds straightened out.  I am on 250 mcg of synthroid for suppression. I joined weight watchers lost 9 lbs., started feeling great!  I then went off of my meds in April for my wbs- clean results (yay)  I gained about 6 of the nine I lost during that time. Started feeling great again when i started back on meds.  I recently started getting in shape again- I lost the six pounds that I gained back plus an additional 3.  Now in the past two weeks, I have been getting dizzy, having head rushes, and feeling like the blood is rushing to my head.  I had a nurse take my blood pressure and it was 150/110- mine is always on the low normal side.  That was with a digital machine.  Then my friend used her cuff and stethoscope- the old fashioned way and it was 140/100.  Do you think my meds are too high since my body weight decreased???  Or can I be developing hypertension?  I am 5'10" and 147 lbs.  250mcg was always okay- I felt great all of the time, never had any symptoms.  I made an appt. with my endo- after I begged- I am just curious.  Thanks.
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Thanks for the response.  Of course at the endo my blood pressure was 136/88 which he didn't think was too high.  In July, I looked at my chart and it was 134/92 and he didn't even mentions that my bottom number was too high.  He did decrease my meds but what do I do in the meantime?  I am calling my primary because hypertension does run in the family.  I can't believe it. I looked at my labs from my preop. EKG and my blood pressure was 110/70 which is usually my normal pressure.  More medicine.  Yay!
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Hey friend - welcome back!   Missed you.

Yeah - get your labs run.  Since the dosage of thyroid replacement meds are based on weight your dosage may need to be decreased just a bit.  Doesn't hurt to get it checked.

And WAY TO GO on the clean scan - YEA!!!
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Who are you again?

LOL!! Just kidding. :o)

It may be that the weight loss has "tipped the scale" and you are overmedicated. When was your last bloodwork done?

Another thought is this; you don't weigh very much. 147 pounds. I weigh 132. I'm taking 88mcg of Levoxyl, and my Endo has it stuck in her head I will settle into 100mcg before my levels are stable for real. You're taking 250mcg. We must metabolize it differently.

Maybe how you are absorbing it or utilizing it has changed slightly and you require less now.

Or maybe your levels are good and you have developped hypertension.

You'll find out when you see the Endo.
But it's been fun saying "maybe" so many times.
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