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high tsh normal t3 t4

Hi sir,
My age is 20 and i am a female, recently my test reports showed a high tsh of 5.5 (normal range 0.1-4.1), but the t3 and t4 levels were normal.
what does this mean?
waitng for a response 4m u.......

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hi.  this means you are hypothyoid and would likely benefit from a low dose of thyroid meds to 'support' your thyroid.

please ask them to test ft3 and ft4 next time, whicj are the active hormones and give better idea of function than t3 and t4.

Ask them also ti test antibodies so you have better idea of what is actually going on.

do you have symptoms of hypothyroid?  
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thanks a lot for giving time,
yes i do feel fatigued and stressed.
m evn suffering 4m hair loss.
can u plz tel me some other symptoms associated?
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are you on any other meds i.e. the birth control pill? these can affect your levels.
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No sir, m not married.
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doctors call this subclinical hypothyroidism because your tsh is elevated and your ft3, ft4 are normal.  it would be clinical hypothyroidism if your ft3 and/or ft4 were low.

since you are having symptoms, ask your doctor to rerun your tsh, ft3, ft4 and also run thyroid antibody testing to see if you have hashimotos thyroiditis (slow destruction of thyroid that slowly progesses into fullblown hypothyroidism).  

you may benefit from a low dose of thyroid replacement (synthroid, levoxyl), especially if your tsh continues to be elevated and since you have symptoms.
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