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history making more sense now

Well - have another dr appt today.  I realized I saw the GP last year (exactly 1 year - was May 15 2007) and he did blood work on me for severe intestinal / stomach problems.  15 days worth.  Never found the cause.  Maybe he did the thyroid levels in his testing last year.  Wouldn't that be great just to get a previous reading on levels!

I have been reviewing my symptom sheet and when I got to "cycle" information, I took some time to reflect on my past experience.  Could excessive menstrual cycle (30+ at a time) when I was a teen have signaled a thyroid malfunction?  Could my goiter now and lack of cycle be attributable to some possible thyroid problem from 14-15 years ago?  Cycles started early for me (10 years old and were uncontrollable from the start).  Constant cycle brought on BCPs, Depo Provera, Depo Lupron, etc. and eventually, the fertilaty doc that administered the Depo Lupron told me I would not be able to have kids (at 17 I was told that).  Had 2 Endometreiosis surgeries in addition to this.  Nothing helped.  At 21 I got pregnant (what a shock).  Cycle was ok after that, but with gradual return of pain.  At 27 had another child.  Unable to breastfeed (which I was not entirely unhappy about) and had no leakage after cessation. increased breast pain prior to period (NEVER USED TO HAVE IT) and it gets worse by the month. Now, here I am three years later with a swollen neck, normal blood work, no period for 2 months, and an up and down feeling from hypo to hyper.

Would you think there is a link?
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How did ur appt go?

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Thanks for checking!  I posted yesterday under "Giving up" but now I've gotten your cyber lashes :) and decided to stay in the fight!  Thank you so much!

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