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holistic medicine

Has anyone tried alternitive methods to help with thyroid problems. We know the side effects to HRT so has anyone had any success in trying different medicines?
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I have seen naturopath who will request labs and read them as well as the MD.  They can prescribe meds and help with supplements.  My ND found out through a saliva test that my adrenals were fatigued.  My MD would not bother with this.  My ND put me on DHEA 5mgs at night to help with my adrenals.  I am also on synthroid prescribed by my MD.  With both doctors, I feel I am finally getting somewhere.  I think the adrenals play a big part in the thyroid problem.  I also take Vit D3 and B complex with C.  Hope this helps.
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Yes it does I am just looking for different ways to approach this.
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before i was diangosed, after i had mono, some of my friends recommended astragalus (got it from GNC). i didnt know i had hypothyroidism at the time, and it worked for a little while then would stop working. so i'd stop taking it, then get sicker, then start taking it again and it'd work again for a while. it contains selenium, which i think i've read could help with hypothyroidism. apparently long term use of selenium  is not recommended though, and i found it stopped working after a while anyways.
since i got diangosed ive been on synthroid, and its pretty good!
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