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hot flashes

I was wondering if anyone with Hypothyroid has ever experienced hot flashes? Sometimes my body suddenly becomes hot and I will get isolated sweating in my forearms, legs, or back.
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I'm hypo right now and I get Hot Flashes to. Some people get them when hyper but apparently hypo can have the same effect for some of us. I find when I'm hypo I get really sensitive to cold or hot environments and body seems to over react to it. This can be normal.
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I also get hot flashes and it occurs at different times. I am also sensitive to cold and heat at times....
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2013 now....Hot flashes when I wake up.  Only.  No other time.  I literally feel like I am on fire.....my palms and bottom of my feetare the worse.....and I am drenched in sweat.  Night clothes and sheets wet, not damp.  Usually a dull headache and pounding heart go with it.  Nausea after due to the intensity.  Lasts? 2-5 minutes before episode stops.  I had 2 "Parathyroid" surgeries 2008-2009 4 months apart. 1st one took out entire left Thyroid and both Parathyroids.  2nd took out right Parathyroids leaving me witha small sliver of Parathyroid.  These "wake up" hot flashes have been within> last 3 months.  They are so severe, I am online looking to see if 'HYPO-Parathyroidism" maybe the cause. If that small sliver of Parathyroid was damaged????  No answers yet.  I have looked up Dr. Norman here in the Tampa area.  Renowned Parathyroid expert.  Found him on Parathyroid.com. Iam a veteran.  Had both surgeries at the Tampa V.A. hospital.  I currently am being seen at Bay Pines VA Hospital.  I have been told I am going through menopause and suggested that I see the Psych department for depression.  ???? I was just a little aggrevated by this.  I simply asked the doctor if dshe had even looked at my medical records.  From what I have experienced with symptoms before and after surgeries....and now what I am reading about Surgically Induced Hypoparathyroidism?.....(shrug)....my PTH has dropped consistantly over the past 3 years...4 years now.  Within Normal ranges, but now approaching the lower range.  Wondering if my remaining right Thyroid was damaged also.  Dull headachestominor migraines (SEVeRe beforesurgery), nausea, fatigue, muscle,joint, bone aches, swollen hands and feet, weak handds and arms, loss of concentration and memory, sometimes feel? overwhelmed?.....and ecently these wake up hot flashes and skittishness?.....I jump easily?...spook?....scare?.....at the most inane things....ridiculous.  SOME thing is going on....not as severe as before surgery, but now newthings presenting.  *SIGH!*.....started when I was 40 years old...I am 46 this year.  Too young for this nonsense.
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