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how to control my tsh level?

i am a 18yrs old and my tsh level is 6.5 it is increased from normal range while t3 t4 are on border line what should i do to control it??? my doctor is saying its normal.... please suggest me something as my body is swelled now from last one year...
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A TSH of 6.5 is too high; what are the actual numbers for your T3 and T4?  And are those for FREE T3 and FREE T4, or total?  They are not the same thing.

Often T3 and T4 can be in "normal" range, but if they are too low in the range, you won't feel well, your metabolism will become sluggish, body temperature will drop, etc.  

You will need to get on thyroid replacement hormones, to bring your FT3 and FT4 up to what's comfortable for you. If your doctor won't give you a script, you should look for another doctor, who will.  

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find another thyroid doctor this *** is a quack ,have u got diabetes what are your symptoms and r your eyes bulging
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