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how to cope with thyroid fatigue as an athlete

im a 17 year old male, and was diagnosed with hashimoto's disease in december, and have been on meds since then. the symptoms i have are extreme fatigue, prolonged recovery, some dry skin but not a lot, cold hands and feet, depression, some muscle weakness, and impaired memory. i don't mind any of the symptoms as much as the fatigue, it's ridiculous! from the moment i wake up, until the moment i fall asleep, im unrealistically tired. im an mma student, and haven't been able to do ANYTHING since august, it's discouraging and depressing. all i want is to feel good enough to go back. what can i do to cope with it so i can train or feel better so i can train and go back
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Please post recent lab work with reference ranges.

Which meds do you take, and what's your dose?

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37.5 mcg of levothyroxine a day, my tsh levels were 9.56 originally, the most recent is .59 I believe, which is normal but on the low side of normal, so he upped my dose about a month ago but i still don't feel good at all. i can't see my t3 or t4 results on the lab sheet
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Do you see "thyroxine" or "triiodothyronine" on your lab sheet?  Those are the proper names of T4 and T3, respectively.

0.59 is a little on the low side, but TSH is notorious for becoming unreliable once on meds.  Sometimes TSH will go to almost zero even when FT3 and FT4 haven't changed or have perhaps gotten worse.

It seems that, even though your TSH was low, your doctor treated your symptoms, which is good.  However, he should never be using TSH alone to manage meds.  FT3 and FT4 should be tested every time labs are drawn.  TSH is, at best, a screening test for asymptomatic individuals.  Would he order those for you on request?  
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