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hyper or hypo

Hyper or hypo?? Ok guys I needs your help I have normal levels of everything....I have been tested for everything under the sun .....I know my thyroid is scr3wy but I may as well talk to a wall because apparently im normal and being a nuisance...... Here are my symptoms...

Hot flushes that last for up to an hour where I sweatlike mad.
sore muscles
hair loss
Weight gain
Mood sjwings(laughing one min crying and wanting to kill people the next)
Heart feels like it's going to bust out of my chest(this isn't constant just every now and then)
No sex drive
The constant desire to lie down and sleep 24/7
Blurred vision
Did I mention hair loss? Oh yes that must be the memory loss kicking in....
Crzy bowl movements
Sugar cravings
Salt cravings
Plantar facilities
Shin splintssore neck shoulders
Oooh look a squirrel
Trouble concentrating

Soooo what do we recon am I imagining a problem??
Aching joints
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So you're under the U.K. National Health Services guidelines, is that right?

Most of our members from U.K. have a hard time getting copies of their labs, as well, but usually, if they are persistent, they'll get them.

From a little bit of digging, I've been able to determine that the range for FT4 is, typically, 10-25, in U.K.  If that's really what your blood test was, and your level was at 10, you're very low in the range; however, typically, doctor think that anything within range is "normal", even the patient has significant symptoms.

I did read that some labs in U.K are no longer providing actual results; they are simply telling doctors whether the results are normal or abnormal.  This might be the "new way" for reading results.  Won't that be fun for those of us trying to help others get adequate care?

The symptoms of magnesium deficiency actually tend to mimic those of hypothyroidism, more so than hyperthyroidism.  Your symptoms also match those of hypothyroidism and if my research and the reference range for Free T4 is correct, your low level would validate that.  

Soooo - has your doctor made any recommendations or are they simply telling you, you're fine?  
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Please post your blood labs results including their reference range.  That will provide us a LOT more to help you.

What gender and what is your age?  Are you on any medications?  if so what are they and their dosages?  For how long?

Many of the symptoms of Hyper and Hypo cross over. But generally it sounds to me more like Hypo. And the fact that dramatically more people are hypo than hyper.
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My tsh is 1.26 and my serumt34 is 10 1 female 35 no meds
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Do you mean serum T3 or serum T4?  There is no serum t34.  And is that result of 10, free or total?   What's the reference range for it?  Reference ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.
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I have a black belt in sugar cravings!  I corrected my vitamin B12 levels and started thyroid medication and both helped but the #1 cause of my sugar craving was magnesium deficiency.  And the cause of magnesium deficiency was insulin resistance which was from eating too much sugar (chocolate in particular). Talk about catch 22 eh? lol. I also had vitamin D and calcium deficiency (magnesium is the boss of both).


Dr Hyman - Magnesium: Meet the Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Available...

"You might be magnesium deficient if you have any of the following symptoms:

Muscle cramps or twitches
Sensitivity to loud noises
Anal spasms
Chronic fatigue
Kidney stones
High blood pressure
Menstrual cramps
Irritable bladder
Irritable bowel syndrome
Trouble swallowing"
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Sash see now here's a curve ball if I take anything at all with magnesium in I get all the symptoms of low blood pressure (flashing lights ,dizzy, vertigo,hearing all exhort) and I mean anything with magnesium..... that's why I thought maybe I was hyper....my logic was that my metabolism is already flat out and the magnesium boost acts like nitro and sends me over the edge.....as for my test results.... I live on the isle of man we don't get given a piece of paper with any results on we just get told by the go u are normal and then when u argue and ask for the figures u get told that u are taking up valuable time.... Then told there is a new way for reading results and that ur tag is blah and the serum T34 is blah that's it.... Sorry u guys now know as much as I do they are the only figures that I know
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Sorry I apparently have finger dyslexia and cannot type today
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Hi :-) yes we are under similar UK nhs. Yes my doctor has said I am fine no need for treatment at all..... I asked could we compare my last results with the previous and was told that if I thought I could do a better job by all means apply to be a med student and work my way up through the system!! It's so frustrating and it has been going on for 6 years now and they don't believe me or tell me maybe I am depressed or just run down.....eat healthy and exercise and get lots of rest is their only answer :-(

The whole magnesium thing is odd and just activates everything. As I now have to check everything I eat in case it has high levels of magnesium.

The whole nhs system is a joke because they are happy to spend money on sending me for all sorts of tests on my heart to determine why it feels like my heart stops for a second then thrashed aboutunder my ribs as if it's trying to escape and then beats wildly for 5mins before settling but they won't get two pieces of paper and put them next to each other and see if my results have changed.

I am sick of saying "I understand that it says normal but that not normal for me, wanting to rip people's heads of isn't normal for me, laughing with my children then sobbing uncontrollably isn't normal for me, feeling like my legs are swollen and sore isn't normal for me".......and then of course all I get from them is you really need to calm down.......
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This whole magnesium deficiency thing..... It's like 8am and my heads a little fuzzy so forgive me if I seem dumb.... So the more sugar you eat the more defficient in magnesium u get? Just want to get it straight in my head because I eat lots of sugar and when I say lots I mean I can eat raw sugar straigh out of the bag.......

And how does that work with not being able to take magnesium? It literally makes me so I'll that I can't leave the house incase I pass out. Also if I drink alcohol the next day I have the same symptoms (like I have seriously low blood pressure) don't drink at all now because of it.
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When you eat a lot of sugar, your blood sugar spikes quickly, which in turn causes the pancreas to excrete high levels of insulin.  Very simply put - insulin is the hormone that shuttles sugar (glucose) into the cells for energy.  If cells become insulin resistant, they won't accept the "food" and sugar just keeps circulating in the blood, which keeps causing more insulin to be produced. If too much sugar is present, insulin will shuttle it into fat cells to be stored for later use - insulin is often called "the fat storage hormone" (this is why many of us with insulin resistance are overweight).  If this continues to happen, eventually, the pancreas can no longer produce the insulin needed to keep blood sugar in check.  This is when we become diabetic.

Often what happens, is that you eat the sugar, which spikes your blood sugar, then within a short time, that sugar is gone and your blood sugar drops too low, so you have to eat more sugar to get it back up - this becomes a vicious cycle and you have to make diet changes, to keep blood sugar levels stable.  The easiest way to do that is with a low glycemic diet - meaning foods that don't spike the blood sugar and will keep insulin levels down.  Too low levels of blood sugar can make one weak, shaky, sweaty, light headed and feeling like you're going to pass out.

Adequate magnesium is necessary for insulin to do its job.

Low vitamin D can also cause hypo like symptoms.  Magnesium is also necessary for both calcium (needed for strong bones/teeth, etc) and vitamin D to be "processed" in the body.  Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 biochemical processes in the body.
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Ask for a full thyroid panel including TSH Free T3, Free T4 and Graves disease antibodies.  I am an American and have experience with the UK system. This sounds EXACTLY like Graves / Hyperthyroid.  I have graves and I had the EXACT list of symptoms.  Go pay for an independent lab if you have to...the last time I was over there, I felt "off" and look into going to a private lab and think a full thyroid panel was about 150 pounds (the graves marker may be more).  Also, even if your levels are in the 'normal range' you can experience symptoms in a serious way...any time I dip below the mid-point I feel completely terrible. Also, if you do have a thryroid issue (especially hyper) Elaine Moore is an amazing reference and one of the top experts in the world.  Her website saved me..literally. Please let me know if i can help further.
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I cannot take magnesium daily because of my kidney damage due to chronic insulin resistance. But there are various reasons why you can feel bad taking magnesium. I'll post that info separately. This is info about magnesium loss....

Excerpt from Ancient Minerals - Need More Magnesium? 10 Signs to Watch For...

"2. Do you regularly eat pastries, cakes, desserts, candies or other sweet foods?

Refined sugar is not only a zero magnesium product but it also causes the body to excrete magnesium through the kidneys. The process of producing refined sugar from sugar cane removes molasses, stripping the magnesium content entirely.

And sugar does not simply serve to reduce magnesium levels. Sweet foods are known by nutritionists as “anti-nutrients”. Anti-nutrients like sweets are foods that replace whole nutritious foods in the diet, yet actually consume nutrients when digested, resulting in a net loss. Because all foods require vitamins and minerals to be consumed in order to power the process of digestion, it’s important to choose foods that “put back” vital nutrients, and then some.

The more sweet foods and processed baked goods you have in your diet, the more likely you are deficient in magnesium and other vital nutrients."

6. Do you drink more than seven alcoholic beverages per week?

The effect of alcohol on magnesium levels is similar to the effect of diuretics: it lowers magnesium available to the cells by increasing the excretion of magnesium by the kidneys. In studies, clinical magnesium deficiency was found in 30% of alcoholics.10

Increased alcohol intake also contributes to decreased efficiency of the digestive system, as well as Vitamin D deficiency, both of which can contribute to low magnesium levels.11"


"Insulin plays a central role in storing magnesium but if our cells become resistant to insulin, or if we do not produce enough insulin, then we have a difficult time storing magnesium in the cells where it belongs. When insulin processing becomes problematic magnesium gets excreted through our urine instead and this is the basis of what is called magnesium wasting disease.

There is a strong relationship between magnesium and insulin action. Magnesium is important for the effectiveness of insulin. A reduction of magnesium in the cells strengthens insulin resistance. [1],[2]"

Dr Sircus - The Insulin Magnesium Story


Excerpt from the National Institutes Of Health - Magnesium.

"Magnesium deficits and increased urinary magnesium excretion can occur in people with insulin resistance and/or type 2 diabetes [24,25]. The magnesium loss appears to be secondary to higher concentrations of glucose in the kidney that increase urine output [2]."
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An article by Dr Carolyn Dean: When Magnesium Makes Me Worse, is very long so I posted a few sentences of each point. You can google the article to read in more detail...

1. You’re not taking enough: When people feel worse with magnesium, I believe that the 700-800 enzyme systems that require magnesium just get jump-started and They Want More!

2. You’re taking too much: You can also feel worse on magnesium if you take too much, too soon. This usually happens if you have (adrenal) fatigue and weakness from magnesium deficiency.

3. You have low blood pressure from long-standing magnesium deficiency and adrenal fatigue. You may have heard that magnesium can lower your BP so you worry about that happening when your BP is already low.

4. You’re on heart medications and as your health conditions improve, your meds are becoming “toxic.” That’s because you may not require them anymore!

5. You’re on fluoridated medications that bind up your magnesium and make you deficient even when you’re taking magnesium.

6. You’ve started taking iodine (in doses above the RDA) that speeds up your metabolism giving you heart palpitations that has nothing to do with magnesium deficiency.

7. You’re taking too much Vitamin D: Here’s what happens. You feel great on your magnesium and then you begin to have more magnesium deficiency symptoms after adding a high-dose Vitamin D supplement.

8. You are taking too much calcium and it’s pushing out your magnesium: Read Why I Hate Calcium to understand why the most prescribed mineral is actually dangerous because it’s causing heart disease in women.

9. You’re taking magnesium and becoming dehydrated because you don’t take any other trace minerals.

10. Magnesium is getting into your cells and detoxifying chemicals and heavy metals. Sometimes this can feel like a healing reaction. The symptoms can be an increase in muscle pain, joint pain and even skin rashes. That’s why I recommend that you build up your dosage of magnesium slowly as the cells detoxify and are finally able to work efficiently.

11. You have IBS or you are very toxic and even ReMag gives you symptoms. IBS is a gut sensitivity of the lining of the gut, specifically the smooth muscles of the gut wall.

12. You’re taking a magnesium glutamate or aspartate. I warn against taking these forms of magnesium in my blog Glutamates in Magnesium Chelates.
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First, no disrespect to the other posters who have commented...but, I believe they are going in the wrong direction. And I have experience chasing micro-nutrients and vitamin deficiencies.
Regarding your symptoms, I had crazy stupid sugar cravings before I was diagnosed with Graves (it is common).  Again...not to sound like I am on repeat, but rarely does Magnesium or Vit D deficiencies or issues have those combined effects.  I chased the same "ghosts." Again, if I were you, I would go get more bloodwork and ask for a Graves Antibody test AND a Hashimoto test.  Both are autoimmune related thyroid diseases (both manageable)...but can hide if you are subclinical (in "normal" ranges on bloodwork)..however can have symptoms like you are describing.  Your thyroid levels change by the hour...and if it is anything like the states (US doctors only like to test TSH or T4 to start...and a friend of mine who is a great general practitioner outside of London concurred that she would do the same)...those test WILL NOT give you accurate thyroid readings. ONLY Free T4 and Free T3 will give you the most accurate results.  Since you mentioned that your thyroid is "screwy"- then this will be the best place to start and get an accurate understanding....and FYI- most people who have thyroid issues feel their BEST when their Free T3 and Free T4 are in the higher normal range..though if you get that reading..then your doctors WILL try to medicate you (over medicate you...rail against that).  And again Elain Moore has saved my health and sanity.
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With an FT4 of only 10 (indicating hypo) and a TSH of 1.26, with the symptoms that are present, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that tboobz has Graves Disease. Being under the health guidelines she's under, getting further lab work is going to be difficult enough, without trying to add something there's no need for.

It's not true that magnesium and vitamin D deficiencies don't have combined effects.  Magnesium is necessary for the proper absorption of both, calcium and Vitamin D.  Magnesium is responsible for are over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.

Rule of thumb for FT4 is about mid range and for FT3 is in the upper half to upper third of its range.  FT3 should be higher in its range than FT4.

Elaine Moore is an expert in Graves Disease/hyperthyroidism; again, there's no reason to believe that tboobz is, either hyper or has Graves Disease.
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Hello, I have low thyroid problems., I take synthroid  for many years.. my low thyroid went up and the doctor put me on a low syntroid , and it went below, now I have ringing in my ears , doc. says it has nothing to do with my thyroid , plus iam dizzy and light headed...anyone has this problem.
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