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hypercalcemia?? I have questions!?!

In reviewing some of my labs from my regular physician I have found that I have high calcium levels, low sodium and low chloride levels.  Isn't the high calcium level indiciative of a parathyroid problem?  I could be mistaken, but thought I had read that on here somewhere.  What about the low sodium and chloride?  
I go to see my new endo tomorrow and am trying to cover all my bases so I have a better understanding.  
Already know that I have Hashimoto's with >1000 TPO's.  
Also found out that I have an elevated C-Reactive Protein Level.  
High Chlosterol and LDL-Chlosterol......

Any insight on this???                                 God Bless    -sass-
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And I feel miserable!  I am beginning to feel desperate!
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How high is your C Reactive Protein??  The reason I'm asking is, mine often runs high around 15 with a range of 0 - 5 and the GP has always really said there's no real reason to panic until it gets insanely high because it's affected by so much.  Any amount of inflammation in your body for any reason will raise the CRP, which is why they don't generally worry until it's quite high.  Even with mine at 15 which is 3 times normal they are like, "yeah, no big deal really.  In the scheme of things it's not too high".  But we've established mine runs high due to an arthritis issue I've got.

I know the high cholestrol can be due to the hypothyroidism caused from the hashi's.  

Low sodium is also sometimes associated with hypothyroidism.  So, maybe the hashi's/hypo is related to your sodium level.

Got nothing on the chloride though!!  Hopefully I've been of some use!! :)
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well our ranges are totally different here i guess.  My labs normal range says <.80......that is strange.   my level is around 14...

What about the calcium ?   REF RANGE; 8.6-10.0     I am only at 18, but it is a little high.

And of course you are always of use!
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Yeah, different labs and countries have different ranges for different things.  

High calcium is usually a parathyroid issue.  My dad had issues with calcium and parathyroids about 5 years back.  Im not sure of any other reasons for the high calcium...there may be some other reasons but Im not aware of them.
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Hi I have high calcuim and high PTH which is a due to hyperparathyroidsim. I am having surgery to have them removed soon. I would have your endo run a lab test for PTH INTACT and Blood Calcuim at the same time. Do you have bone pain? Like muscle problems. I to have hashimotos.
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Yes, I have severe pain constantly over entire body.
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I have the same body/muscle pain, jumps all over at different times, and have no idea what brings it on.  "Just thought I would add that in"  FTB4
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I would ask your endo. to run a lab for PTH INTACT and Blood calcuim at the same time that way you can see if it is hpyerparathyroidism!!! I have hashimotos and hpyerparathyrodism and it is terrible..im in constant pain, body aches, muscles spams, I cant sit down for long periods of time nor walk. I have to tumors on my parathyroid glands, Im having 2 bad glands removed soon...I hope you get answers soon...I would push your endo to run these test especially since your calcuim is so high..Im sure he will anyway but just in case he doesnt please please ask him to so the pth intact test..it casues a lot of problems if you dont get it taken care of...I would also go to parathyroid.com it explains a lot and more syptoms of hyperparathyrodim..good luck and please let me know what your endo. says...
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Went to endo yesterday and yes he is runngin the PTH, calciums as well as buckets of other bloods. Now just waiting on results as always.  He did mention the parathy's so we will wait and see.  I am ready to deal with whatever at this time.  
My Rhem feels that I also have Sjogren's for certain and is testing for  that and Lupus as well.  Thanks for your concern and input.  It is always great to get feedback.  I will ck out the site you suggested as well,        -sass-
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Hi Ladies,
I am post-parathyroid (surgery in 2006) and I can say I felt like a new person shortly after surgery. The symptoms from the hypercalcemia were horrible. Headaches, frequent urination, heartburn, "brain fog", muscle and joint pains, constipation, kidney stones (7 in two years!) and the female hormonal upsets were enough to make me insane! -I even had to have a fit in my Dr's office because she didn't want to authorize a PTH test when my blood tests clearly showed escalating calcium levels! I'm really glad that your Drs are paying attention. Good luck to both of you, and may this be an easy fix. (((HUGZ))))~MM
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I almost forgot...Your high calcium/low sodium and chloride levels may be low from frequent urination. As your calcium levels rise, the body gets rid of it by urinating it out -and other things like sodium, potassium, and chlorides go with it. I craved potato products and popped corn (bad!) when I was going though this, and now I know why. Potatoes (especially french fries and chips) and popped corn are high in potassium and sodium (especially when you load them with salt or butter!) If you can, drink V-8 juice -it has even better nutrients and also has fiber and liquid that will keep your bowels moving! :) ~MM
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Oh wow, I love V-8..a suggestion that finally I will gladly take. Not a big water fan, I mean I like water okay, just not my fav. And yes my urine for the sample was almost clear, maybe that is why.  And I always crave salt and sweets.  I don't eat a lot of chips but I am guilty of oversalting my food.  I have to quit that as I am having some edema problems with my feet and hands.  
I am anxious to get the results.  As always, my biggest fear, is to hear them say...okay everything looks normal!!  I hate that!  Seems silly, but I Know everything isn't normal.

Could the hurting I started having about 6 days ago in both sides and now in my right lower/mid quandrant of my back (just below rib line) be associated with any of that?
Anybody??                                -sass-
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