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I'm moving in a few days to St Pete and I'm in desperate need of a good endocrinologist in the St Pete, Tampa, Sarasota, or Orlando area. I've been seeing an endocrinologist here in Pensacola and haven't had a very good experience. My current doctor doesn't answer my questions and contradicts himself during the office visits for what is causing my hyperthyroidism. He also looks at the my numbers and not my symptoms. He comments that my lab values are finally within normal range but I certainly do have reflexes like that of someone with hyperthyroidism. After lab draws his nurse waits weeks to phone my lab results, and even then she's clueless when I ask her questions about the specifics of the numbers. He halved my methimazole dose 6 weeks ago and the anxiety started coming back about 3 weeks later. Despite my lab work showing my FreeT3 and FreeT4 rising again and me feeling the anxiety getting worse and worse again, he just says let's wait it out. My tongue has been swollen for 6 months (when all my thyroid problems started). I've seen and allergist and have been on 24 hour antihistamines and even tried Xolair injections for idiopathic angioedema. My allergist said he really thinks my tongue swelling is due to my thyroid issues (which seems plausible considering that's when it started). My endocrinologist will not even entertain that my tongue being so swollen has anything to do with my thyroid disease. My swollen tongue and now difficulty swallowing increases my anxiety a lot. I'm just desperate for somebody to listen to my symptoms and fix me. Before all this started I was normal. Now I'm an anxious, emotional mess. A couple of months after I started methimazole I started feeling like I was finally beginning to feel better. Since then my doctor has decreased my methimazole twice and now I'm back to where I started. I hate feeling so shaky and anxious all the time. This is NOT like me. He has me on Ativan (I only take it when I'm on the verge of going to the ER when I get so freaked out) but I just want to feel good again.
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I just sent you a PM with info.  To access, just click on your name and then from your personal page, click on messages.
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