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hypo or hyper?

I'm very confused. We've been watching my thyroid levels for about 9 months and they've been a little bit off. The most recent results are quite a bit off. I'm headed to see my doctor next week, but I thought I'd try to interpret them myself.

From what I've read Low T3 and High T4 means hypo. But what prompted this was my recent excessive weight loss. Which would mean hyper, am I wrong?
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Please post your most recent thyroid test results with reference ranges.

I can't really comment further without seeing actual lab results.  Reference ranges are lab specific and have to come fom your own lab report.

Are you taking thyroid meds?

Also, pleae post historical labs if they've recently changed significantly.

Do you have other symptoms besides weight loss?
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Hyper doesnt always mean weight loss.
I have Graves and had hyper prior to RAI and gained 33 lbs lol.
Its a fallacy that weight is hyper.
My TSH is 7.6 at present and I havent lost weight or gained it either.
I agree with goolarras comment totally.
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