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hypo with hyper symptoms

I have Hash. Thyrod. on my last blood work less then a week ago my tsh was 35 but i have the symptoms of  being hyper. vs hypo.  i am taking synthroid 175 mcg every other day and also 200mcg on the other days.  my thyroid was removed 12 years ago and i have been on therapy since then. i see my dr. in 2 week but I'm confused as to why when my tsh represents hypo i seem to share symptoms of both such as weigh loss, trembling in my hands, diahrrea, palpitations but on the other hand I have zero tolerance for cold.  Anyone experience this?  
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Welcome to the board; I am note well versed enough to give advice in your situation but wanted to {[wave}} hello

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thank you.......................what a rollercoaster during this episode. :(
Any thoughts?  have you experianced or heard of anxiety being a componant of hosh. thyroid?  I seem to be dealing with that as well plus dizziness.  I don't remember all of this going on in the past episodes.
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