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hypothyroid & kidney stones??

After a thoroughly, wonderfully *fun* run around with 5 kidney stones back in November of last year, I found out that i had a rather nice dermoid ovarian cyst. No worries, got that taken care of...but was back at the doctor a few months later only to find out that I was working on mild hypothyroid issue! Low and behold, just the other day (and back at the doctor...again), i felt those tell-tale signs that another stone was on its way through my system... all this within the span of 7 months.

My question is this... is there any research out there that finds a tie between hypothyroid conditions and kidney stones? Or, for that matter, between surgery and subsequent development of a hypothyroid condition?
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You know, there has to be a correlation. My sister, my grandmother, and myself have thyroid problems and we all have had kidney stones. Multiple times.
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The only correlation I've been able to find (because I developed stones and finally passed my last one February and am STONE FREE YIPPEE - had to get that one in there) is that if you have a Parathyroid issue which produced too much CALCIUM then you are predisposed to develop Calcium Oxalate stones.

Have they ck'd your calcium and other minearls, etc. thru 24hr urine and/or bloodwork?

It is essential with your history.

I, too, had ovarian cysts when I was having hyper #'s vs. my normal more hypo a few yrs ago ... they came for 2 yrs and are gone now .... as well as my #'s being better in the TSH dept.  So I don't have a clinical answer but wonder.

A good ? for Dr. Lupo


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