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What are the specific and descriptive mental side effects of severe hypothyroidism?
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Unable to think clear, anxiety, depression, lethargy, paranoia, very severe........coma.
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Do you think it help to contribute to doing things that you normally would do that like something that society deems bad?
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OK I wanna say wtf admin that moved my post in here from the ask a Dr side.. I was wanting an answer from a Dr hence y the post was in there.. now I gotta wait another day to be able to post in there.. u rox admin.... not
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Don't worry! Try getting onto the doctor sites when you live in Australia on an entirely different time zone!

To help you get through the next 24 hours though, I can tell you, MANY people with severe criminal records, have had severe and I mean severe hypothryoidism. There are many psych wards filled with people who were left untreated for far too long and ended up with a type of psychosis. My aunt was one of them. Once treated correctly many (not all) recoup and live happy (ok, within reason) lives.

BTW your post was probably not in the Ask a Doctor forum, but elsewhere. Admin can move them to the appropriate forum but not to the doc forum. Make doubly sure you are posting it in the right place! You need to post into Dr Lupo's forum.
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http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/120 that's where I posted it and got moved to here..

Ill just go ahead and tell my story I guess.. im a coke addict that im trying to recover from.. been clean for about a ye and a half now.. all started 10 months after my tt while I was in the marines.. right after my tt I did the 6 weeks w/o a metabolism and gained 60 lbs.. well they started me off on 75 mcg synthyroid.. at that time I was 24 extremely active 6'1" and 280 after there weight gain.. well slowly but surely they start raising my dose every month..the constant ridicule I was getting for being in the marines and way over weight(70lbs over height weight standards) and the fact that when I got back off my medical leave I couldn't fit into all of my uniforms that I had to purchase out of my pocket everything new.. when I went to my unit too get my uniforms replaced due to a medical condition I was told that the only thing that was said in the rule book was the only Med condition to get my uniforms replaced for free was if I was female and pregnant.. and it goes on.. when I started using I was up to 225 mcg and them obviously not acknowledging my claims that I feel like total **** not loosing weight and the meds aren't enough or something is going on.. well ling story short I popped twice on **** test and got thrown out w/o any benifits from the military or the VA.. lost everything.. I have no prior history of drug use before then and never interested me what so ever..  but idk wtf was going on with me back then so I've been trying to link the 2.. im now taking 900mcg synthyroid and 5mcg cytomel twice daily..

Now with that info do we all see where im coming from about the severe hypothyroidism..

Back then my test results were all over the place unstable.. I think one month they hit 1200 for tsh.. BTW if y'all are wondering tsh is all they check in the military and don't believe in t3 resistance.. I had many arguments with my navy Endo but since he out ranked me my opinion didn't matter.. but anyway I get pissed everytime I think about this festuring wound..
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I forgot to put in there, I was seeing a psyc for depression before I got out and was on prozac..

Im trying to get my benifits back.. I know what I did was wrong.. just don't know y I stooped to drugs
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