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i got bad news Barb135

This is off topic for thyroid issues.   Have not found out anything to do with my thyroid or parathyroid yet. but   IHad my appointment with my pulmonary today and received some what bad news.  Advanced Interstitial lung disease.  From Feb CT till April CT shows a lot of advancement.  He is recommending a lung transplant!  He suggested that I could get a second opinion and that I just visit the Houston Transplant Team for a consult to see what they say. I do not have to decide right away.  He did not recommend doing a lung biopsy with my other health issues.    Shocked!  He said quite a bit more , but I am still trying to take it in.  Thank You so much for your concern!

Wish I knew someone that new the system that  could advocate for me thru all of this crap! sass
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I know you have several autoimmunes and suspected that might be the cause, but hoped for something easier.

Yes, this is the wrong forum, but we've been through a lot together, so I appreciate you letting me know. I know you have a lot ahead, but I'd really appreciate a PM when you feel like you can.  


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Oh Sass -- I'm so very sorry to hear this. There are several things that cause this; did they tell you what the cause might be?

Through dealing with my Aunt's breast cancer, I know the system all too well.  I wish I were close enough - I'd take a crash course and advocate for you in a heart beat.  

Sounds like the Houston Transplant Team is your next stop? There are a lot of questions I'd be asking, now, if it were me, but I can't/won't put them here.

As you absorb it all, please pass me any info you can.  
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I have several autoimmune diseases.  Interstitial lung disease isn't an actual disease in itself .  There are several lung diseases that fall under this category.  But again this is the wrong forum. I just wanted you to know.  Maybe a PM later when I get a handle.  He said I will have to stay on oxygen unless I have the transplant!  Otherwise my last CT scan looked somewhat bleak and had advanced quite quickly.  Probably kicked off from the pneumonia I had in Feb!    Still have to tell my children!  
Thank you for you words!  sass
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