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is hypothyroid linked to bulimia?

This is hard for me to admit, but I had a bout of bulimia after controlling it for many years and it was after that that my TSH went to 12.7.  The last time my level was higher than boarder-line was before I got help for my eating disorder.
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I have had bulimia for over 15 years (in recovery but still fighting it daily) and I have Graves.. I have never had a conflict between the two.
I slip every once and a while too.. don't be hard on your self!
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I didn't get hypothyroidism until after I became bulimic also.  I don't know if it's related or not.  It would make sense though.
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Eating disorders can be linked with thyroid problems. Usually a person has the eating disorder first and then the problems  (repercussions) follow.

The thyroid is a very sensitive gland and can damage itself if we do not take care of our bodies. I think it can be more of a warning signal of more serious issues to come - if we do not take a step back and start to take care of ourselves correctly.
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