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is it possible to lose weight with no thyroid?

Background:  Ca 2 years ago, tt and rai.  I am now on synthroid 250 mcg and tsh around .05.  It should be .03, but now bad.  Anyway, I work out 6 days a week and have been training for a marathon, completely changed my diet, yet I can not lose anything!  I will some weeks lose 2 pounds, but then it just comes back on the next week.  Has anyone had any success in losing weight?
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I had my thyroid removed in December but prior to that I was hypo and on Levoxyl 100 mcg.  I'm currently back on the Levoxyl after the RAI and I've not had any weight problems.  I'm a runner and before the surgery my tsh was always around 2.5 and I've always been very thin. I run several days a week and eat a reasonably healthy diet. I lost several pounds during my "sick" period, aka, the 6 weeks of hypo hell followed by the RAI. I'm now back to my normal weight and running again. So, I don't know that your thyroid is responsible for your inability to lose.  Do you think you could be gaining more muscle now and you are seeing that weight? When I work out a lot I tend to gain but I lose weight if I stop because I lose muscle mass. Could that possibly be what is going on?  
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Weight is a tricky thing. When you work out your muscles weigh more than fat. So jumping on the scales and saying Oh no! I haven't lost a thing! is really irrelevant. Take body measurements.  I have had issues all my life with losing and gaining (poor diet, being dumb, and hyper then hypo thyroid) I found a physiotherapist who told me and proved to me how those scales need throwing out!
I had a TT in Dec and despite being totally lethargic and feeling like a beached whale, I have not gained 1 kilo ! I do, when I feel ok, a fairly tough round of gardening and walking up hills. My waist has shrunk by 5cms! My legs are muscular, but sadly my boobs have gone....waaaaah! But with all my body measurements going down my WEIGHT is exactly the same! So don't fret, as the physio said, after a while the body adjusts and then it starts to REALLY burn fat faster. Muscles burn MORE energy than fat! So keep going and be strong in mind! Besides, think how good your bones will be and your heart! Isn't that important!?
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Ms Aussie

Thanks for that post. You said a mouth full and I believe the scale is a mind controlling disaster for thyroid patients. I refuse to get on one for fear of the number. I concentrate on exercise - eating right and how my jeans fit!!! That is my way of knowing if I need to make some changes.

Thanks for posting your comment :)
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I've also had the RAI and have found that I have gained a lot of weight afterward.  I think I am also having some hormone imbalances and insulin resistance that is making me put on the pounds, but insurance does not cover any of the special testing and hormone balancing that one needs to get the hormones back in balance.  Low carb does help some, but I used to be able to eat anything I wanted and stay very slim.  It is ALL about hormones folks.  My son has Hashimotos and gained a lot of weight, and then went to a special doctor that balanced his hormones and he has now lost about 70 pounds!  He wasn't able to lose a pound before this.  Don't let anyone tell you its about eating too much if you eat no more than you used to!
Rosie, what other symptoms do you have besides weight?  Please post your current thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  Also, what thyroid med are you taking and what is the daily dose.?  
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