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is my gyno right? shall i continue

i have irregular periods since age 14, now i am almost 18 and three months back  have consulted a gyno and undergone a course of ginette 35. no considerable change in under chin hair growth and weight reduction.
also abdominal tests suggested were normal. no thyroid.
my gyno now suggests to switch to some herbal courses for same.
please give light to my problem and suggest something.

thank you for your time

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Were you born without a thyroid, or was it removed or treated with RAI?  If the latter, why was it removed?

Are you taking thyroid meds?

Do you have other thyroid symptoms?

If you have any recent thyroid blood work, please post it with reference ranges.
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by 'nothyroid' i meant 'nothyroid problems'. my tests of thyroid are normal.
also testostreone level currently 115. (whose normal higher range is near 50)
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Diet change (such as ketogenic diet, low GI diet, or paleo diet) and exercise is recommended to improve symptoms of PCOS.
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