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is there a special diet prior to radioactive iodine treatment?

is there a special diet you have to be on prior to rai treatment?
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can someone send me the link to the low sodium diet for prior to the radio active iodine treatment, I am having a hard tim efinding the cookbook to download, everything has salt in it...
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Yes.  You need to be on the Low Iodine Diet.  If you go to thyca.org and there is the low iodine cookbook pdf on the left hand side.  Remember, it's not necessarily a no salt diet.  You can have salt, just the non-iodized kind.  And no sea salt.  

I was told to go on it a week before my treatment, which ended up being almost two weeks, because my treatment dose was given late in the week on the second week.  I then had to stay on it for 48 hours afterwards.

Hope that helps!

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