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is this weird?

I mentioned to my doctor that sometimes I can't bear any kind of pressure in my throat area, and she felt a nodule on my thyroid, which was first discovered 10 years ago by another doctor, and ordered an ultrasound.  The report states that the gland is "Quite small and appears heterogeneous in echotexture.  The right lobe measures 0.5x1x2.6cm with a volume of .7cc, and the left lobe is .8x1.1x2cm with a volume of .9cc.  The thyroid isthmus measures 2mm in its AP dimension.  There is no evidence of thyroid nodule".
Is there any reason I should see my doctor again before our next scheduled appointment 2 months from now?  Is this weird?

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so what I am reading is your doctor says you have a nodule - but the US says no you don't? What is the doctor saying about this?  I don't know if you need an appointment - but i would call the office and get an explaination on what this means?

How confusing? You don't know how to go? MAybe they missed the nodule on the US scan.

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?  It doesn't make sense either .. I'd go back and ask your Dr. what he/she felt and how it is missing on the report?

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This is probably late, but some stats and facts:
5% of the popluation have palpabalbe nodules and upto 60% of the population have nodules detected by US.  So the vast majority of detected nodules are completely insignificant aside from the stress they cause people.  What is are more relevent is one's familly and personal history of thyroid disease, T4 and TSH levels, and any change in size in a nodule.  
If you have pain in your throat which has not been resolved, push your MD to focuss on what is physically bothering you.  If she/he has confidently ruled out thyroid disease, their job is not over as long as you have an unexplainable pain.

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