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levo vs synthroid

Ok so I was on levo 88 for 2 mos my levels went down to 3.19 then went back up to 13.06 after being on it for 2 mos can anyone please tell me if levo is 20% less and will synthroid 88 lower my levels better I really need hep I've tried 3 different dose in the past 7 years and they keep going up in down on levo I need to know if synthroid levels out your thyroid better please and thankyou
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The main problem with generic levo is that the pharmacy can change which manufacturer they buy their levo from anytime they want to and without notice.  Each manufacturer uses different fillers (inactive ingredients),  and some of those affect how we absorb the levo.  The advantage of being on a brand name, like Synthroid or Levoxyl, is that it comes from the same manufacturer all the time.  That solves some of the problem...until the manufacturer decides to reformulate.  

Is your doctor testing FREE T3 and FREE T4 and basing your meds changes on those, or is he strictly doing it by TSH?  The rollercoaster usually comes about when TSH is the primary factor in meds decisions.
he tested t3 t4 tsh all came back high on levo I even tried levo 100 it didn't lower it that much so now I am trying name brand there doing it by how I feel hopefully the name brand lower it because my levels are pretty high right now I dont get another test till April so I won't know anything till then
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Would you post your labs, please.  Include reference ranges as they vary lab to lab.  If your T3 and T4 came back high, you shouldn't have increased your dose to 100 mcg.  

Are you having hypo or hyper symptoms?
Yes and ohok I am back on 88
Tsh 13.06 range 0.3 to 5.00 t4 13.2 range 4.6 to 11.6 t3 92 range 60 to 181
I am just tried
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Your TT4 is way too high; it's above range, and it should be around the middle of the range.  At the same time, your TT3 is too low; it should be in the upper half of the range.  This indicates that you are not converting T4 to T3 well.

You should talk to your doctor about decreasing your T4 meds some and adding in some T3 meds.  This could be synthetic T3 (Cytomel and generics) or desiccated porcine thyroid, which contains both T3 and T4.  

Your cells can't use T4 until it is converted to T3.  

If your TSH doesn't come down after adding some T3, you might see if there's a pituitary issue going on.

Your doctor really should be ordering FREE T3 and FREE T4 instead of total T3 and total T4, which are considered obsolete.  The fact that he orders total T3 and total T4 makes me suspicious that he may not be the greatest thyroid doctor.  If he raised your meds to 100 mcg when your TT4 was at 13.2, it confirms my suspicions.  He's treating you based on your TSH only, and that's a recipe for disaster.  
Oh no thank so do u think 88 synthroid would be better then thats what I am taking now so are u saying hes giving me to much medicine ?
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When your T4 was 13.2, were you on 88 mcg?
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Yes but i was on levo
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If you were on 88 mcg levo when your FT4 was 13.2, then yes, you are probably on too much levo.  At the same time, your TT3 is too low.  So, you should be taking some T3 meds.  That would balance T3 and T4 better.

If I were you, I'd find a better thyroid doctor.  Increasing your T4 meds when T4 is already above range isn't good.
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Ohok thank you i see a another doctor in march
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My free t4 was 1.26 range 0.80 to 1.80 free t32.4 range 2.3 to 4.2 tsh was 3.19 in dec 12.16 .15 but then it went back up 3 weeks later
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I'm getting very confused on when these tests happened relative to your meds increase to 100 and back down to 88.  In this set of labs, which are the first we've seen for FREE T3 and FREE T4, your FT4 actually looks good.  It's just a little low of midrange.  FT3, though, is still way too low; it's almost on the floor of the range.  

Which went up three weeks later?

I'm glad you're seeing another doctor.  Be sure to ask about adding T3 to your meds.    
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My pcp checked my free t4 and free t3 in dec then my thyroid doctor checked my total t4 total t3 in jan sorry for confusing you
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At least your PCP is ordering the correct tests!  So, just prior to the labs your PCP ran, what was your dose?  Had you been on that dose for the whole 4-6 weeks prior to the draw?
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Yes levo 88 i just now started taking synthroid 88 5 days ago
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Okay, so it looks like your FT4 is probably okay at 88 mcg.  You may see a slight change switching to brand name Synthroid.  It looks like what you should be discussing with your new doctor is adding some T3 to your meds.  That should make you less tired and help bring your TSH down as well.  Have you checked to make sure the new doctor uses T3 meds?
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I called my pcp waiting for her to call me back but can you tell me why when i was on levo my levos when down and then back up after 3 weeks ?
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