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MD has RX'd lexapro for the anxiety. what is your opinion of taking this med or riding out the anxiety? The anxiety is severe, but I am thinking what is the best or others experience.
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i have taken lexapro before and had no problems with it (i had problems with some other ones).  if the anxiety is interfering with your life, and you want to do something about it, i would recommend the lexapro.  i didn't have any problems while i was on it, or when i came off of it either.  you have to do what you think is best for you :)
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Do you have anxiety since the surgery in regard to anxiety over something or do you think it is med induced?

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I think it is med induced, however, I had anxiety at the hypo level.
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I have taken cipralex in the past (the Canadian equivalent to Lexapro) and I had no problems on it at all.  I'm thinking, actually, that I could use some more of that great drug!  This diagnosis and the treatment has been very difficult for me, and I think it would be helpful in getting over the "hump".
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what about when or if you want to get off of it?
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I am weaning off of Lexapro now.
I was "put" on it instead of treating my mild hypothyroidism. I had terrible anxiety and insomnia when my TSH rose just slightly.
I was on 10 mg for 6 months and had no real trouble. Some nausea and hot flashes the first week and then nothing. I didn't even know I was taking it.
I have weaned off VERY slowly. I first went to 7.5 (3/4) pill and was naseuous for a week and stayed on that dose for a month. Then doen to 5 mg and now I am on 2.5 mg.
No big issues getting off for me.
I think if the anxiety is due to the thyroid condition, a med like Ativan ( or other benzodiazepenes) are a better way to go. You can take them as needed and stopping them is easier. As long as you don't take them around the clock for an extended period. I took these as well before and after going on Lexapro. I haven't needed them since my TSH levels are more normal.
I hope some of what I said has helped you.
Good luck!
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