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losing weight with hypothyroid

Does anyone have any secrets to losing weight with hypothyroid? Have been diagnosed now for a yr and 1/2. Have joined a gym and been eating more veg. and fruit but still can't lose any suggestions?

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I added a whole lot of fiber to my diet and it seems to be making a huge difference.I read an article that said if you eat 30 grams of fiber a day you can lose 1 pound a week even if you don't do anything else.  I'm also a runner and was noticing that the running steadliy at a slow pace wasn't cutting in anymore,  just like redheadaussie said. So, I started a thing where I sprint (okay fast jog!) for 8 seconds and slow jog for 8 seconds and I do this for 25 minutes most days of the week and I've already noticed a difference.  I think short bursts of intense activity get your metabolism kicked in. It's not fun but I refuse to gain weight because of my thyroid.
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Oh red

You are so right!
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I watched a show on tv the other night about people becoming marathon runners for the first time in their lives...you would think with all that training and great eating they would be skinnier and fitter, right? WRONG! They were all the same size as when they started! Seems our bodies don't burn fuel faster when we go running! SO, as I discovered, and the show proved it too, that SHORT bursts of energy can lead to fat burning!
  Every time the ads are on tv I get up and fold my dry washing and put it away. Then I sit to watch the tv again. I do 5 minutes on the treadmill, then stop...do another 5 minutes an hour or so later.When I bring my dry washing inside, I fold one thing, then put it away, come back, fold one thing put it away.
  I also have eliminated  a ton of foods from my diet...(THAT is the REALLY hard part!) BUT  I have seemed to 'magically' dropped over 9 kilos in a month! ( 19.8 pounds!)
   I think trying too hard just doesn't work...believe me I have been trying for over 2 years! My meds are STILL not right, and I think what has worked for me, may in time work for you too.
Good luck.
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In addition to the post above - hypo's have a hard time process bad carbs - breads pasta and potatoes are stored now.

Elimination of carbs and sugars is what hyporthyroid patients should do to help maintain weight issues and possibly lose weight too.
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Unfortunately for some of us until we get on our perfect dosage the weight never comes off. You might still be undertreated for your thyroid condition which slows down the metabolism to prevent you from really losing any weight. Even if your blood work looks picture perfect it may not be perfect for you personally (ranges are set because while one person might be perfect at the low end of the scale someone else might be perfect at the high end of the scale so just because you fall in range doesn't mean you're at YOU'RE perfect range). Some people also just don't respond well to one medication but might to another one. If you're currently on synthroid or some other t4 medication you might want to consider adding a little t3 or armour to the mix and see if that helps.
I completely understand your struggle as I have gained 50 lbs when my hypothyroidism relapsed so my meds wouldn't work anymore and NOTHING works. I went through this before and as soon as I got on the right dose it literally just started falling off. Hope you're able to find the right mix for you so you can lose the weight:-)
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