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low TSH

Hi all,
So asking an "Expert" isn't available today so I hope someone out there can help clue me into what to persue.
After complaining to my doctor for 2 years and seeing a variety of specialists I finally got him to do some blood work with my hormones. Ever since stopping breast feeding with my son I've had one symptom after the next, however my memory and consentration seems to have been degenerating for 7 or so years. (i'm 37) Does anyone think a low TSH and lower normal range of Free T4 is normal and just something to "watch"? please help.

TSH: in Jan was .26   2 weeks ago .24  and now .16 (.35 - 4.94)
Free T4: 2 weeks ago .74 and now .96 (.71 - 1.85)
Free T3: 3.3 (2.3 - 4.2)
T3 Uptake: 31% (23-37)
Prolactin: 4.3 (2.8 - 29.2) these were drawn the 1st day of my cycle (range is follicular phase?)
FSH: 6.8 (2.5 - 10.2) these we drawn the 1st day of my cycle (range is follicular phase?)
LH: 2.4 (1.9 - 12.5) these we drawn the 1st day of my cycle (range is follicular phase?)
Bilirubin 1.1 (.3 - 1.2)

From what I've read it seems that my T4 should be in the upper 1/3 if my TSH is so low...meaning hypothyroid. So does this point to Central Hypopituitary?

These are my symptoms:

-cold easily
- dull aching kidney pain (flank pain?)
- aching joints especially hips and hands
- weight fluctuation
- intermitant hairloss

-very heavy painful menstruation since stopping breast feeding 1.3 years ago.  however now they seem to be stopping midway and then restarting again a day or two later (last 3 cycles). accompanied with diarrhea

- irritability and mood swings
- significant memory loss and poor consentration (decrease in executive functioning)

- have to take a nap mid afternoon

- severely oily skin which has now developed Sebasceous Hyperplasia all over my face neck and other places
- hyperpigmentation spots developing on face (not melasma but have that too from pregnancy)
- tiny white spots all over legs and arms

I have a Hx of gestational diabetes
A concussion to the back of my head 7 years ago that caused temporary tunnel vision and amnesia
Had C-Section's 2006 and 2008

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