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low cortisol and hypothyriod relations

I am 26 years old and married, I recover a hypothyroid problem when i had a complete hormone test to know why i have EXTRA hair in my face and however for almost 5 years i am using levotirxin 100mg 4 days a week (3 days off), after 4 years married we decide to get a bab  ...  [More]    y but unfortunetly westill are not success,when i discuss with my Dr_gyno . she gave me some medication "ovinum".still i am not success,it should be mention that recently i had a test for my cortisol level and . for 8am morning ( a night before i took 2 dexametazon tablet) these are the result that had.
Cortisol 8am with dexametason 0.1  -----(4.5-22)
Testosterone 0.9-----(F: 0.26-1.22)
17OH progesterone
a week after I got my period   2.5  
reproductive aged women :
Follicular: 0.1-0.8
Luteal: 0.6-2.3
Postmenopausal women:0.13-0.51
I have to mention that I gain weight a lot recently and my stress is high..but it should be mention that I am usually like a stressful people (as other says).

I dont know what does this low cortisol means?
As long as I found through the interent, the hypothyroid problem causes the low cortisol; But now my thyroid problem is under control and thats why I dont know what does this low cortisol means? If we have a low cortisol means that we supposed to be more relax or more stressful person? Does the thyroid problem effect on this hormone or vice verse? Does low cortisol hormone effect on infertility?

I would appreciate your kind concern if introduce me some more information.

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If any of your thyroid levels are not balanced or stable, it can cause you not to be able to concieve.
Go back to your Doctor and ask for your FT3, FT4 and TSH levels to be done (Thyroid panel).
Levels can change dramatically so it may be your levels are not as stable as you think.
Stress causes high cortisol levels as do other autoimmune diseases..
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