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lump above collar bone

I have a lump just above my collarbone on the right side, the dr has just given me a referral for a ultrasound with fine needle biopsy if needed.
He said its my thyroid.
I do have a multi nodular goitre and am supposed to get it ultrasounded every 12 months and due to the last 16 months of being tested for ms I haven't done this.
Now I'm worried this lump may be cancer, he wrote on the form a firm lump, but to me it feels soft.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, things just keep getting worse for me.......
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There are two major ways of looking at a thyroid nodule or "lump" prior to the tests your doctor has decided to move on.

the words solid or cystic are usually the first words to describe the nodule on the US scan. Depending on that the FNA may be done.

I feel the reason he may have used the word firm on your report is because the tissue does not move around in the area.

I know we all (when these type of tests come up in our lives) right away think the big "C" word - but if you do your research you will find most nodules come out beign and no problems. But again realistically - the chance can be there.

I suggest not to look to far ahead yet until each appropriate test is done. Take it one day at a time.

When are the tests going to take place?  


Look at this as positive as possible that your doctor is making sure noting is wrong. Preventive yet cautious.

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Thanks for your reply, I go for the ultrasound at the end of the month.
I'm very anxious in personality particulary about health, and do always tend to think of the worst outcome...........
But with everything else going on in my life at the moment, my life is already pretty stressfull.........
Thanks again, I will try not to think about it too much and just see what the ultrasound/fine needle biopsy bring.

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Like I said it's easier said then done.

I totally get the stress stuff as I live my life in havoc lately too.

I guess this is the reason why I belong here.

At least when I go on - someone gets what I too am saying!

Keep your chin up doc!!  72!!   We're here 4 U
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