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lump in neck?

I was born with a small lump toward the lower end of my neck in the front. it doesnt cause me any pain but i am constantly asked if it is related to thyroid or fibromitosis. Both of these terms scare me, i guess my question  is that over the last two years its almost tripled in size. I am starting to worry. I have no insurance and am low income. Does anyone have an idea what this could be? concerned and confused.....please help
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It may not have anything to do with your thyroid.  It may involve your lymph nodes.  You need to spend the $30 for an office visit and see if you can get a diagnosis then take it from there. At least know what you are dealing with.  Tell the doctor your situation.  Just start with a diagnosis.  You can refuse treatment if you want to.  
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If you can move it, it might be just a cyst they can grow and shrink all the time. If you can't move it and it hurts then apply for charity care at a clinic or hospital and get it looked at.
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