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does it harm baby if i do not take my thyroxine when i am pregnant if yes what
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Yes, you have to take your thyroid meds when pregnant.  If you become hypo, the risk of miscarriage increases as well as the risk of impacting your baby's development.

Your doctor should be monitoring your FREE T3, FREE T4 and TSH levels very closely during pregnancy since meds requirements often change during pregnancy.

Why do you not want to take your meds?
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thanks for your reply its my daughter i am talking about she has been on thyroxine for about 6 years but is not good at taking them regular she was monitured while pregnant. she has had her baby but baby has had broken ribs which we knew nothing about we only found out cos my daughter found a bruise on him and he had all test done i was just wondering if not taking medication while she was pregnant had anything to do with it
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Well, you will probably never know for sure.  I think babies whose mothers were deficient in thyroid hormone tend to be smaller at birth and fail to develop as fast as their peers after birth.  I doubt it would cause broken ribs.    
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we just dont know what to think he is having a lot of test we r waiting  for a vitamin d test to come back the ribs have healed so it was done at birth or very near cos he is only 4 weeks old he did have a forcep birth and had marks all over him and a palsy down the right side of his face cant wait to sort it all out and for him to come home.
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Since your daughter was monitored carefully during her pregnancy, do you know if her thyroid levels ever got too low?  Did her doctor increase her meds because he thought her levels too low?

Skipping an occasional dose isn't a problem.  Since she's inconsistent about taking her meds, does she regularly feel hypo symptoms?
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There are chances of giving birth to a mentally retarded infant if not taken med during the first few weeks of pregnancy although not 100% chances.
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