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After diagnosis, my daughter aged 12 years started taking medicines as per below:

1) TSH : 62.9 .Started with dose of 50 mcg/day of  thyronorm.TSH after 6 week: 0.16.
2) reduced dose to 25 mcg/day . TSH after 6 week : 0.50.
3) further reduced dose to 12.5 mcg/day.TSH after  6 weeks: 0.969
4) again reduced dose to 6.25 mcg/day .TSH after 6 week : 2.37
5) stopped meds. TSH after 9 week : 4.07
6) No medicine (09 weeks as above +14 weeks )  since 23 week: TSH: 6.87 (high) FT3: 1.71 pg/ml (within range) FT4: 1.03 ng/dl(within range)
7) No medicine (23 weeks above+13 weeks now) since 36 weeks: TSH:1.86 (within range)

doctor suggested continue to stop meds and advised to carry further lab after 3 months.

Will the baove is ok as TSH is within range after stoppgae of meds since last 9 months.?

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OOPs, you did mention the antibodies already, didn't you. (I can always blame hypo brain fog for that). With the antibodies present, her symptoms and hormone levels must be swinging and luckily for now it stopped in comfortable zone. Hopefully it stays there for awile.

With Hoshimoto, keep in mind, it is possible to have temporary hyper periods, though usually very short, in the beginning of this disease. That does not happen to all. Something to keep an eye out for.
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Thanks. She was also tested for antibodies and found positive with a value of 620.
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Once again -  did the doctor mention Hoshimotos thyroiditis? I cannot stress the importance to know this. There are specific tests to detect Hoshimotos antibodies. TgAb TPOab testing.

Fluttering TSH is not normal in healthy people, try to find out why this is happening, as it could return.

If Hoshimoto is present , it will return, as it will make hormone levels flutter in the early stages of the disease.

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thanks. Initially FT4 AND FT3 WASA CHECKED AND BOTH WERE OUT OF RANGE. HOWEVER, Doctors checked FT4 & FT4 during last two labs also. Both the result was OK. i.e. within range only.
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So did the doctor mention Hoshimotos thyroiditis?  For some people In the beginning of this disease their thyroid hormone levels can really go up and down like what is happening to your daughter.

But - you doctor is testing tsh, that is a thyroid stimulating hormone , kind of a signal 'messenger' from the pituitary. You need to know the actual thyroid hormone levels called free t3 and free t4 to see whats really going on.  Has the doctor checked these at all?
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Thanks. I am from india.

Due to some swelling , we carried out her thyroid test. Test for antibodies were also carried out at first instance and was positive with a value of 680.
meds was commenced therafter. no physical symtomps seen before and after stoppage of meds. she is ok as far as growth is concerned
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"thyronorm" - that's a synthetic T4 med from Abbott labs in India, I believe. What country are you in?

What happened to your daughter does not happen to often.

Was your daughter just diagnosed with hypothyroidisim and no cause?

Hypothyroidism for those that still have a thyroid can differ:

1)Permanent Hypothyroidisim : The disease is called Hoshimotos and is forever. Its caused by antibodies attacking the thyroid. In this case meds are increased as the thyroid dies off more.  In the beginning of Hoshimotos disease you can flip flop from hypo to hyper to normal for periods before you gradually go hypo. Does not happen to all. This is diagnosed from two antibody tests. Did she have these tests?

2)Temporary hypothyroidism: Can be caused by other health issues going on - good to find out what the real problem is. The thyroid gland is very fragile. It does not take much to disturb its normal operation. Body infections, viruses, bacteria, Celiacs patients still eating gluten foods ect. I know someone with Celiacs. Once they stopped consuming gluten, their thyroid worked right - that was a temporary symptom, not an actual thyroid disease.

The BIG question, how did she feel before, what were the symptoms?

How does she feel now?

****Need to find out what is really happening. Sitting back and waiting does not answer questions. So get the antibody test if she has not had them.****
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