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Am taking metrapolol for 4 days now fro a hyperactive thryroid, TSH is low and T3 is high (or it could be the other way around, not sure). Anyways, md doesn't let me see my results, I just noticed this on the thyroid uptake scan he ordered, went and took the pill today.

Anyways, my question on metrapolol, it was given to me for  fast heartbeat, only taking it for 4 days now.Having nightmares and waking up really, really hot, burining up, sweating with arms tingling.
Does any one take this same pill and have these symptoms?
I am confused because I read that hyperactive thryoid can cause panic attacks and intorleranc eto heat, but also read that metrapolol can cause vivid dreams.
Help! Can anyone make the connection for me?
Thank you
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When you are hyperthyoid (you are), night sweats is common.

Vivid dreams sounds so much nicer than nightmares. Got to make the side-effects sound as pleasant as possible. The "vivid dreams" may subside before you go off the Metrapolol.

What is Metrapolol? When I Google search it, everything is in spanish or japanese.

Do you mean metoprolol? That's a Beta Blocker to control heart rate.

When do you see the doc again?
Are you going to be given something for the hyperthyroidism?
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Yes, I did mean metoprolol, the beta blocker...I am so confused right now. anyways, now am off it. It would help greatly if I could stop panicking. He has now put me on Lopressor SR which is in the same family he said, but slow release which might help with the nightmares.
Theya re being given to treat a fast heart rate because of the hyperactive thryoid until they finishe checking out why this happened and can treat that.
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