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muscle tightness

I two have hashoimoto but I do not just have muscle tightness in my neck and shoulder's I get knots in my shoulder and the middle of my shoulder blades and in my hips and down the side of my thighs that will not go away. Does anyone else have this problem. Also, I will get a little better such as I can go for walks and I don't die at night when I'm sleeeping but then it seems to come back worse. Does this disease have what you would call flair ups?

Please help !!!!

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Im new... learning about thyroid. In awe that it causes same pain Ive suffered for 22yrs with.  Fibro and Myofascial Pain syndrome. But learning much about other things like thyroid. .. homcysteine and more that if not tested correctly easily overlooked. I've only had t4 tested.
Going to endocrinologist and internal med dr and

starting new path to see if anything else not to get
more dx but to get treatment if possibly have. Have
hormone issues due to PCOD but once dx with
fibro drs don't think to look for anything else. Have
not had labs for years.
any advice on what labs needed appreciated.
and about Trp and thyroid. Never knew that!  Anyone ever get the concrete muscle tightening? I get bad but suddenly notching its flares up after taking magmalate that used to help. Same thing happens with all muscle relaxers so wonder if related.
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My hips hurt at night and I have the neck and shoulder pains.
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I have been trying to figure out for years why I have the exact same symptoms.  I have done trigger point therapy because  I constantly get them in my neck area and hips that go down my legs and arms.  I read that thyroid is a contributing factor to trigger points.  Walking does not help me right now.  I am only on  pill 3 of Tapazole.  She didn't say if it was Hashimoto's or not.  
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I do have similar problems. In fact I remember having really bad shoulders pains 10 years back, when I did not even know I have Hashimoto and I am hypothyroid. The pains went away and come back over the years (shoulders, back neck, thighs). 18 months ago I was diagnosed and started the treatment, at first with Levothyroxin, then Synthroid and Armour together. I can say most of my symptoms went away, blurry vision, foggy brain, most of the muscle pains as my TSH went to about 0.45. I still have back neck pains, once in a while, mostly if I do not take my medication in time. And one more thing, I also start taking lots of vitamins, like the Bs, C, D3, Magnesium, Selenium, Calcium and others. I also believe they helped me.
You should see were your blood test levels are and if you need a change in medication. I believe you can get better with the right medication
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