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my wife just received news today

my wife recently had an ultrasound down on her neck.  at first site the person performing the test said you look like you are in great condition this should be no problem.  But as she start to perform the test she said she had never seen anything like it and that my wife had a large goiter with multiple nodules. The thyroid doctor just called her today and told her she has a 3 inch nodule on her thyroid.  She had been suffering from headaches sinus problems for the last 3 years.  We thought it was allergy related and kept trying to treat it accordingly.  Is it possible that these symtoms are also being caused by the thyroid issues?   Also has anyone ever had a patient with a goiter or nodule of this size?
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You would be surprised at all the sinus and allergy issues a lot of us have had.
What did her Dr say his next plan of action is?  
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biopsy first to determine if cancerous or not.  Do you suffer from headaches and sinus burning as well?
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I have suffered with both, since developing Hashimoto's and nodules.
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what do you do to deal with it?    We have been treating her with allergy medicines never relating it to her thyroid.  But she has a hyper thyroid as well as a goider with nodules.   I read your bio and it sounds like you get worn out pretty easily.  I must say my wife is the hardest working person I know and is like the energizer bunny and just keeps going.  are there some questions we should ask at our next appt?  what are some of the most important things we should be looking for?
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Yes...I remember when I was like the energizer bunny myself.
I have to say that.... slowly...but surely I am gaining that stamina back.
When you go back to DR....ask what he suggests to get control over this situation.
Is he recommending surgery? Meds? If she is hyperthyroid..what type of treatments is she receiving?
Get copies of ALL labwork and keep your own file at home. Take notes.
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