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Hi all. I have switched from levothyroxin to the combo of levo./ and cytomel (got headaches) to Armour (no headaches). I have only been taking T3 for three weeks. I learned more about Armour on this site a while ago. I can say that T3 supplementation has increased muscle recovery so far - less sore. This is in addition to the proper vitamins that hypos' need. I hope this gets even better. Still a little sleepy though like when I only took levothyroxin. I hope this improves. Its better, but still there. Can this take a while even though my decreased muscle soreness seemed to take affect very quickly?  

Question # 2:I have had a lumpy feeling in my throat for years. That is also a known symtpym of acid reflux- back when I had that. My reflux has been gone for 6 months but I still get this lumpy feeling in my throat - it can vary by the hour and go away for a day or two, kind of wierd when swallowing. When I hold my neck back there is a smaller lump under my Adams apple, does everyone have this? . I have been hypo for years, I dont remember what my neck used to look like. Its not like I ever took a pic of it back then to compare! Is the lumpy feeling normal for hypo thyroid people? I doesn't hurt. My Endo just glanced at it, but never really commented. I will bring this up after my next lab tests in a few weeks.

Thanks for any input / experiences.
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I am glad you feel better. Any med with T3 in it will cause a mild headache until you adjust. Many on Armour get that symptoms and it last usually for 2 weeks.

You one of the few that hasn't had that on Armour.. Great! I still fight the sleepy stuff once in a while. It's not daily exhaustion as it was, but there are days when I just need to rest after work.

I had the lump feeling for sometime. Years went by. I was Dx'd with acid reflux. I did numerous things to help me. First I started balancing my PH levels in my system. I also got off all reflux meds. Actually hypothyroid patients have depleted acid and any acid reducers make the condition worse. I also went for a scan of my thryoid. A solid nodule was found. I have had an ultra scan 3 times in this past year and a half and there was no change until the last one. In February I had another one and the nodule has shrunk. I am doing Iodine protacol but nothing is confirmed if the iodine has shrunk the nodule.

You should have the ultra sound scan just to eliminate the possibly of a nodule formation. If everything is clear and you do not have that, then you should look to healing the gut to see if that is causing the lump feeling.

It took me almost a year of PH balancing to get rid that feeling. My lumps were not visable as you say yours are. I really feel your next step should be US scanninng.
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