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yes i was just wondering if anyone knows if it is safe to take cq10 while taking synthroid and bystolic?
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CoQ10 is a naturally found in our bodies. We have an abundance of it when we are young. As we age, our bodies become depleted. I myself take this at 30 mgs daily, sometimes 90mgs. I have never heard of any negative affects of taking this with any med.
Remember...you can always do searches on drugs and their interactions with herbs and vitamins.....most of the vitamin warnings will only be interference in absorption, so usually recommend taking vitamins a couple of hours away from meds.
When taking synthroid, take all vitamins at least 2 hrs apart, except for Calcium and Iron take at least 6 hrs apart.
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I take it as I take Crestor and the body gets depleted from it when on anti-cholesterol tablets.
  Just make sure you take it well away from your thyroid meds.
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