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need help understanding the THS, AND FREE T4 !!!!

Hello, I have never had any health problems, I have 2 little girls 3 and 4 years old, any way i took the depo provera shot just 2 doses, after the second one I started to feel like I was dead, no energy, tired after small chores around my house when to see my gyno doc, and I stund when she said oh that sounds like your thyroid,, what??? what??,, cause i call her 2 or 3 times before this visit and she always said it was normal symptoms of the depo provera shot,, now after almost 6 months you suspect is my thyroid???,, any way she send me to get blood test and this is what came back,, platelet count 351 reference range 150-351?? no idea what this is,, THS Final results THS <0.004 reference range 0.4-4.0, again no idea what this is??? Free T4 Final Results Free T4 1.52 reference range 0.71-1.51 clueless,,, any way she call me to pick up a copy of the results and to go and find a internt doctor,, or a endocronologys,, so i found a intern medicine doctor to see me and she saw my test and we talk about how long and all other symptoms and said it sounds to me that everything points to the depo provera shots,, but we need to do more test so here i go to get 4 or 5 little vials of blood, and like a week later the doctor calls me saying that yes my inmune system is out of control and is atacking my thyroid,,am friking out cause all this sounds pretty scary, any way she sounds pretty casual when I ask how can this be fix,, and she said well you have a appointment to see the endocrinologist so keep that appointment and he is going to give you something to DISTROID, your thyroid,, and you might have to keep a treatment for some months,, what???  I ask if is anything that i need to change of my eating habits, do I need to move my appointment with him as soon as posible,, and she said no you can waite to see him ,,, that was july my appointment is next november,, after reading some of the websites that deal with this topic,, they point to extreme radiation iodian pill like the "cure for this that by the way i dont even know what it is",, i dont have any of the symtoms from Grave's disease, only that i get tired,, but i been felling better for the last 2 weeks,, ( maybe the depo is wearing a little bit down cause i was suppost to get the next shoot on the 8 of August not going to do it).. that is the only thing, can it be that i just my hormones are out of wack cause of the shoot? can this be fix posible by just a treatment with less invasive and dangerous medicine that can cause me any kind of harm in the future? am concernd most of all cause am a stay at home mom and dont want to loose my hability to take care of my little girls, Thanks for youre time and for your answers,,, looking for some peace of mind and strait answers again thanks Patricia.
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Sounds like to me they are moving a little fast.  Especially if they haven't even told you what you have.  I think they are saying you have Graves' even though I'm not sure how this was diagnosed if you have not had a blood test for the antibodies yet.  Your TSH does show you to be hyper.  You said you are tired, is that it?  Of course there are people who go through this with basically no symptoms at all.  I had Graves' and had every one of them down the board.  I'm just lucky I guess.  

Before I got too freaked out I think I would wait and see what this endo has to say and make them explain things too me better than they have.  Some drs do have that attitude of I say, you do, no questions asked.  Personally don't go for those kinds.

Take a deep breath, relax, make them explain things more thoroughly and slowly.  Take notes and get copies of everything.  Then when you have more info you can better arm yourself with knowledge, knowledge is the key to all thyroid disorders.  You have a really good start looking stuff up and coming here.

When you get some more info or you just need to talk or ask for help, we're here.  But for right now I would relax.  Your numbers aren't that bad and nothing bad is going to happen to you right now from this.

Hang in there and stay strong.  Keep us posted.

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Your TSH and your post suggest you are hyperthyroid, which could suggest graves disease, but could also be transient thyroiditis which could go away (like a virus) Radiation 131 is often used for Graves disease I had mine approx 10 weeks ago and it has made me feel lots better....but this was only decided after 123 scans, antibody tests to confirm I had Graves...A good endo will run the appropriate tests. There are other options of treatment besides RAI (ablation) There's alot of scarey sites and misinformed information about radiation treatment , I believe for me it saved my life and my sanity, I had no horrible side effects from it. But I believe your dr may be jumping the gun if you haven't had antibody testing to confirm Graves, try not to worry as this will worsen your symptoms, alot easier said than done I know...Like Dac stated the numbers aren't extremely bad, but you probably feel pretty yucky over all...Hang in there and ask to be put on a waiting list for cancellations at the specialist, expalin you have little ones and would like to be seen asap...You will be okay , most of us who's been hyperthyroid or even hypothyroid have been to the point of extreme fear and feeling hopelessand confused. Be strong, and even if you need permanent treatment it's not that bad, Gail Devers had RAI , and then went on to win more gold medals , ex president Bush , Barbara and their dog Millie all had RAI...Kelly Ripken has a wonderful story on her Graves disease. It sounds frightening, the symptoms can suck, but there is HOPE if you do find out that's what you have.
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What is your FT-3 level on the same day that TSH and FT-4 was done?
Without knowing FT-3 level, your two other levels relate hyperthyroidism. FT-3 level would confirm Graves' or other thyroid issues.

If you would make your comments short and to thyroid only, it would be appreciated, I have hyper/Graves' and attention span is very short.  Thanks!
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Thank you all for your time and information, this has help me so much, and i will follow your recomendation hashisgirl and will call my endo for a waiting list for cancellations, thanks so you all, and I will be back to post any new developments or questions thanks again you guys are Angels!!!!
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