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need help with my results

Hi,  I just found out that I have hypertyroidism.  I was in the er with a lot of pain in my neck, fever, shaking, etc.. They gave me pain meds, lopressor, and told me that I will see a specialist tomorrow.  

What can I expect?  I have been hurting for 2 weks now and have not been able to raise my voice (very much needed because I am a teacher).  
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More blood tests, and maybe some medication to start depending on the test results from the ER and if the Endo trusts them.

If several tests show you clearly Hyper, you'll probably be given a PTU drug like Methimazole to take daily and then the Endo will start running tests to find out exactly why you are Hyper.

Good luck at the appointment.
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As hyprthyoidism may be the beginning stage of thyroiditis, do thyroid neck self -check to detect any swelling in your thyroid -- the diffuse swelling suggests of sudden oncet of Grave's disease, while assymetrical swelling and firm and painful gland suggests of thyroiditis.
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hyperthyroid i have it too but i dun have fever and stuff ..... just wait untill what  the doctor says
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My best suggestion is see a very informed and open minded endo at your earliest. I am hypo and was treated by a family Dr for years without resolve. Get refered but go. Your health is most important to you and your success. Definately get checked for Graves Disease.
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