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new thyroid patient-need support

Hi - so nice to see a site with so many people helping each other, I need some of that!  I'm a 49 year old stressed out single mom.  A couple of months ago I noticed a lump in my neck, had a FNA and came back as benign hemorrhagic degenerative cyst.  Then  I noticed another lump on the lower right of my thyroid (didn't even know much about the thyroid before this)(other lump is upper left) my doc. looked worried and said I needed a radioactive scan but I found a very good endocrinologist , got an ultrasound at his office and was told the cyst looked ok but the lower lump is solid and either one large or two lumps together about 3mm by about 1.5mm, plus another small nodule.  He said I had a multinodular goiter (isn't goiter a Yiddish swear word? :).That tech did a FNA with 3 needles.  

I'll get the results sometime next week but in the meantime I'm worried, it's all I can think about.  I know that the chances of really bad news are minimal - read lots of literature, but it's not like talking to real people who are also dealing with this.  The only person I have known who has had a thyroid problem was my sister's mom-in-law who last October was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and she died in November!  I know that it was a very rare form of cancer, but it scared me then and I didn't even know I had a lump then!

I have also had hip/leg problems that started about 10 years ago (after a very stressful year).  I thought it was sciatica, I had trouble walking but with chiropractic care got a lot better and I was walking fine until fall of 2006 when I had trouble getting from sitting to standing, with a lot of pain in left groin/hip. After being told I had a ganglion cyst in the acetabulum, possibly torn labrum in the hip joint and osteoarthritis I was told I needed hip replacement, another doc then said he could fix the problem with arthroscopic surgery and bone graft.  Had surgery Dec 2006 - not a great experience, could write a book titled 'never have surgery on Friday afternoon' but that's another story!  Have not been able to walk well since the surgery - lots of pain in both legs - upper thighs and groin and knees.  Also developed slight seperation in right AC joint (shoulder/clavicle) and pain in upper arm and hand at times.  

I have been to many lots of alternative therapy people.  An OMD (oriental MD) that I have seen said I had exhauted adrenals and we discovered that I had an infected tooth which I had removed in January, probably had been infected for at least 4 years when the crown was redone, original root canal done 20 years ago.  I have also, on the advice of my acupuncturist, had all my amalgam fillings removed in the last few weeks (9 big ones - been there many years).

So, I am wondering has anyone (who was able to get through this epic) had similar symptoms because I am thinking that all my 'stuff' might be connected.  And, has anyone related thyroid issues to dental infection/mercury toxicity?  And....is surgery or radioactive goop the only way to heal - neither sounds great.  

FYI: labs are:T4- 7.3, t-Uptake - 33.0, Free T4 - 1.0, Free thyroxine index 2.4, TSH - 1.29, Thyroglobulin Antibodies - <20, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 33 (reference range on last one <35, new doc took another blood draw to test that one again, don't know result yet).

One more thing: the lower lump bothers me I feel it most of the time and esp. when I swallow or have to shout at my son, ha ha - true though! (He's 14 - has iPod, video games - you gotta shout sometimes, nice kid though).

Thanks sooooo much to anyone who managed to read through all of this, I appreciate your time.  Hope you are healthy - me too!
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Wow -- bravo on your post. You are very smart and checking all your options. I commend you for being a single mother and going "outside" the box for help. Oriental medicine is very complex and insurance is not a bit helpful.

I have done some reading on the dental filling issues and from what I have researched - it does pose a hazard to our endocrine systems. I have have been tempted to start removing those old fillings too - but at this time I have serious thyroid related things I need to get fixed. Unbelievable on the infected crown for 4 yrs. I never knew something like that could not be a bother for so long.

As for your ranges on the thyroid - I only wish I was at your TSH. For the solid nodule - what did the doctor Dx this as?? Was there any mention of papillary carcimona? Not panic - it is just a question? WIth the goiter I heard (I never had one) that thyroid medications can shrink them. Was that told to you? I would assume since your TSH is great - meds may not be the way to go though.  Very complex.

I do not know the sciatica Dx - I would imagine a bone issue or joint due to chiro care.
HAs any levels of calcium been done?

Sorry if no help -  but your story is very interesting. i will watch this post and see what others think.

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i have wondered about the fillings too. i have 7 amalgams in my mouth for about 20 years now. what information have you foung out about regarding the mercury? i dont want to have to replace my fillings at the same time if they are contributing to my illness....i may need to reconsider.
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You are an angel for reading and replying - just that made me feel good, thank you!  I have to wait to see the endo doc next week to get the biopsy results on the solid nodule - hopefully it's OK (prayers welcome).  I have have had a bone density test and that's fine.  Most of my blood work/cholesterol/blood pressure etc. comes back fine - I always thought I was so healthy!

As far as the dental stuff goes the infection in the tooth was low level but chronic - when the tooth was pulled the post was sticking out of the tooth and there was a black home where the infection waas draining into my body (hope you're not eating dinne). The OMD told me that it had caused digestive issues, swollen spleen etc. and that it was better after the tooth was out.  I would love to use only alternative therapies but recognize the need for MDs right now.  I think a blend of the two would be good.  You are right it's expensive though - the plastic cards are bearing the burden right now - hopefully I'll get super healthy and energized before too long and can pay them off before that gets me down!  If you research online mercury toxicity you will want to get that stuff out of your mouth.  I am lucky to be in San Diego, was able to go to Tijiana Mexico to get it done super cheap and with a lovely holistic dentist - which is hard to find here.  Don't know if I answered all your questions but once again thanks so much for your concern.

Are you on meds?  What are the sideaffects?  I am so scared of meds, I only noticed the choky feeling thst I now know is a lump after taking an anti-inflammatory for the leg pain (Voltaren) did research on that after and found a few issues with it.  Only take occaisional Motrin now - prefer no meds at all.

I shall send thoughts of wellness and perfect health for you!  Am reading Louise Hay - You can Heal Your Life, faciniating!  I do think thought/beliefs have an impact and am worried that stress and some depression influenced my biology along with the toxicity of the teeth etc.

Promise to not always be so long winded.  Just grateful for all of you!
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Thank you for response.  Re: Dental Amalgam fillings - there is a book called 'The Great Dental Deception'  they have a website of the same name - very eye-opening.  Here's my theory:  mercury makes up approx. 50% of amalgam fillings and heat, friction from eating & brushing releases mercury vapor into the mouth this then is absorbed through the tissues and has the ability to cross the blood/brain barrier so I figure that it affects the pituitary gland and the hypothalmus which are in the brain and are responsible for issuing orders to the thyroid (via hormones and electrical impulses.  Basically mercury is supposed to be an excitotoxin meaning it can affect nerves - many have said it has a direct link to MS and Parkinson's - but if it gets into the brain who knows!

The good news is that if you get the fillings out (with proper precautions) you can then start to detox at least some of it - I'm waiting for my accupuncturist to get some stuff to help with this that is made from cilantro and chlorella in a form that can also cross the blood/brain barrier and escort the nasy mercury molecules out!  There have never been any scientific studies that have proved mercury to NOT be toxic, yet plenty to show it is.  Also if you have other metal in your mouth like braces or bridge (I have since the extraction in Jan) it creates a battery like effect releasing more mercury!  I started the filling removal before i really knew about the thyroid issues otherwise probably wouldn't have done right now (hours in the chair - no fun) but I'm glad I have them all out now.  Hope this was more helpful than scary!  Knowing perfect health for you!
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SVETA is the screename of somebody on the board who had severe leg pain .. I'm not sure where's she's gone these days .. hmmmm ....

WELCOME to the board!!!!
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Well I just posted about a 10 minute thread and it vanished. Yes I am on thyroid meds. I had the RAI in 2004 and have no thyroid. I am on the natural method of Armour not synthetic thyroid meds. I almost died on Synthryoid- I can't absorb the T4 into T3.

But I hate meds to. I always did. I am obsessed I suppose with the natural thing and have for sometime. More so now - than ever . But even on meds to keep me alive - you can still get healthy too. That took a while to penetrate this brain!! I fell of  the "natural" train for a while - but I am slowly riding that again. :) There is a cool site on BRT. It is using you Body Restoration Techniques to live well. Started that a while ago and find it facinating. and the health food store here knows me well.

Mexico to get those nasty fillings out?? Cool. I live in the Midwest so no saving dough here for that procedure.

Keep me posted on your results. Take CAre
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