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no T3 meds

Smilerdeb and Goolarra have made posts on UNDERtreatment of hypo. I have a TSH toward the high end of the range. T4 above the middle.  FT3 and T3 towards the low end. I, being 80 and having to be cautious,  have upped my Levo by 12.5 to 125.5. Now here's the thing: in guatemala where I live I can't find Cytomel  (T3) to supplement this, nor Thyrolar (T4 and T3 combined) to substitute. Dare I raise the dose of  the levo by 25 instead of 12.5 and hope for the best.?
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Can you repost the actual numbers for FT3, FT4 and TSH (and the FT3 and FT4 reference ranges)?  I know you've done it before, but, you know, I'm hypo and can't remember a darned thing!  How long ago did you increase the 12.5 mcg?  It's unfortunate that you can't get Cytomel.  Is there any way you could have someone get it for you from another country?

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I was hyper with Graves so you have 2 different opinions here lol.

I suggested 12,5mcg increases if you are very drug sensitive.
Usually the thyroxin is increased in 25mcg doses.
Post yr labs again and we will both give you our opinion and I am sure ..many others will too.

It is very hard here too in Australia for a Doctor to prescribe Cytomel here as none like to do it due to going hyper too fast.

As I said,.......post your levels and symptoms and we can both try and help you with this.
Also how long since lab testing and dosage increase?
These details are important as it gives us an idea as to whether you are drrug sensitive or not.

You are not alone here...there are many here who will try and guide you through this.
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TSH 2.47 (lab range 0.49-4.76)
FT3 2.56 ( 2.0-4.43)
FT4 1.67 (0.71-1.85)
I started the extra levo only six days ago. It may be the power of suggestion  but in those six days I've been alive.. The previous six days I had three sick as I've ever been in my life for around 12 hours each time. It then lifted as if it had never happened. The other three days I was fatigued with middling malaise. I can get a friend to bring the Cytomel - but I've met up with a forum urging Nature-throid instead so don't know what to ask for. What d'you think?
(My son 30 years ago drove a 'fire-engine' with the London fire service. My stepfather was in the auxiliay firefighters during the blitz.. When I saw him at all he was covered in soot and falling down with exhaustion)
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I saw your message just after  I'd replied to Goolarra. That's why your name's not on it. I'm not being picky. I love you both!
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I wouldn't increase T4 meds any more until I was sure the last increase had stabilized (4-5 weeks).  Your FT4 is very close to the top of the range.  I'd go with the Cytomel, personally.  Nature-throid has a lot of T3 in it compared to what our bodies would produce were our thyroids functioning properly.  I think you need just a tiny bit of Cytomel (5-10 mcg, probably 5).  You might also have to cut back on your T4 meds a bit to compensate (25-50 mcg, perhaps, depending on how much Cytomel you add).  It's easier to control the T3 intake with Cytomel than with Nature-throid.
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That's incisive and wise. Thank you. I'll go with it.
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