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off topic - lump removal from wrist

well...I survived the removal LOL...big pressure bandage on my right wrist ... not sure how many stitches there are inside...the outside..hmm...I saw it before it was bandgaged...goes all the way across my wrist....from the wrist bone to the inside...he kept cutting away tissue...looking at it...cut some more...lookimg....cutting...more numbing...more cutting...pathology some time this coming week...I can tell you one thing...the numbness is starting to wear off...:(
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So sorry you had to go thru this and now waiting for report ..... it will hurt tomorrow ... did he script anything stronger than otc meds?  

I had a small mole removed yesterday for a shave biopsy .. mine is awfully black and blue and swollen but nothing like yours at all ... I wait, too, on the biopsy .. I get funky moles that are atypical and as soon as one changes they usually take it right off.

Pls. keep us posted on how you are doing and how you make out (if you can type one-handed tomorrow that is!!!!)

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yep...I have a script for pain meds...gonna go to Walgreens in a few mins to get it filled...
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I am glad you will get the script filled bcz my 2nd neck incision for teh lump removal (granuloma)  hurt 100X more than the thyroid incision!!!  I was on Perocet for 2 days and took nothing for the thyroid !!!!!

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Shoot,  I took my narcotics just to take them!  hahahaha  Being in the Navy we get tested for drugs so this is my way of saying I could take them !  hahaha

Hows everyone doing?

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ok...can we saw swelling? sheeeesh...my hand was so swollen at 2 am I had to get up and take the pressure wrap off even though it wasn't supposed to come off until today...my hand was turning purple! and it was throbbing!...I tried rewrapping it, but finally just had to take it off and clean it and put the other kind of dressing on....left the wrapping off today...the swelling is finally going down. I can finally manipulate my fingers enough to type. My daughter went to the grocery with me to help today or that would NOT have gotten done...no way...and that was ALL I did...this is almost worse than the thyroid surgery! and it is on my wrist..good grief...needless to say I feel like such a wimp...and yes..I am taking the pain meds!
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