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overactiver thyoid and weight grain

i was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid last week,
to my knowledge it started over a year ago
i'm 5.3ft and 18 almost.
10 months ago i was an unhealthy 70lbs.
but i felt fine,active,awake.
i started putting on a few pounds every month for a 3-4months, i started feeling sleepy,moody and starving all the time
i would sleep 13-16 hours,i argued with everyone and started eating 4 meals a day uptill then i was 80lbs
i continued this for another 4 months, but  within those 4 months by the end i was 115lbs
i stopped eating as much in hope it would stop the weight gain i would sleep 8 hours,eat twice a day and workout,
but in those two months i have put on another 8 lbs, i am now 123lbs and going up,i dont start my meds until the end of this month,an i am hoping to lose some weight, as i am 17lbs from being double what i used to be!
does anyone else with this condition have any tips?
many thanks
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hello im 5.2ft 123 makes me at the higher end of healthy weight, as for my old weight 70lbs, that was normal for me, i was always thin, i eat rubbish all the time,as for starting meds, i only just had a test done last november to test for it, and they never cared to make another appointment with me, i went back 2 weeks ago, because i pulled a muscle, they took my heart rate and said it was high, i said but in november i was rather unwell and they thought it might of been my thyroid back never got back to me, he took my blood and said that the results came back as i had an under active thyroid , i cant start my meds, because i haven't had an appointment with my GP  and i need to be tested for diabetes  before i can.
when i get all the info i shall post again. :)
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Okay, I understand that you have an under active thyroid, and that you have gained over 50 lbs within 10 months.  

Doesn't sound at all like you have an eating disorder.  I don't know your height, so can't say if 123 lbs is healthy for you or not. I'm only 5' tall, so 123 lbs makes me over weight.......

While it's very frustrating, it's typical for those of us who are hypo to gain weight, be tired all the time, etc.  I, personally, gained 30 pounds in < 3 months and am still fighting to get them off.

Was there something going on that caused you to be only 70 lbs?  Had you always been that small or did you lose weight? If you lost weight, did you do it on purpose? You say you felt fine, active and awake, but did you have any symptoms of over active thyroid, which might have caused you to be under weight?  

What med/dosage will you be on and why were you not able to start right away?  

Do you have a copy of labs, that would show your thyroid levels?  Do you know if you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disease in which the body, for some reason, sees the thyroid as "foreign" and produces antibodies to attack it?  

If you can post our thyroid levels, that would allow members to help evaluate your situation and comment more fully.....

Sorry to ask so many questions, but sometimes we need more information in order to be helpful.

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123 is a healthy weight. 70pounds is not. Don't get offended, but do you have an eating disorder?
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i meant under active. aha
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