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pain in neck...

so i've been experiencing some rather odd pain in the front/right side of the neck... it rather feels like somone is pushing on my throat with extreme force from the outside... and i was just curious if anything could be causing this having to deal with my thyroid? the pain comes and goes, lasting up to 5 minutes at a time.  it makes me a little bit light headed and is just really annoying.  when it started i'd get the sudden pain maybe once a day... but now it's gotten more frequent... up to 3 or 4 times... i'm 20 years old and pretty healthy. i dont have a cold or anything. i was just curious if it sounds like something i should go into the dr. for?... (no health insurance so i try to only go in for extreme illnesses/concerns) thanks!
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Yes, I would see your Doctor .. actually if you start with ENT maybe that will save you a few $ cause a reg. Doc will probably send you to an ENT for a scope .. it is a tube they put down your nose and look for compression of your throat by thyroid swelling or large nodule.  They may also (probable) have you go for an ultrasound which is better and less costly than a CT scan for detecting nodules.

If there is a large nodule pressing on your windpipe that can cause what you describe.

I'm a patient like you .. not a Dr.  but I'd see one for certain.

Others may jump in, too with opinions ....


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I felt like I was being strangled.  Severe pain on the left side, radiating from the clavicle to the under the jaw.  Waves of numbness, tingling and tugging.

I went to 3 ENT's....(1) diagnosed me with GERD, although my throat was beautiful, (2) diagnosed me with a salivary gland infection.  He was a Yale Grad, highy respected, etc.  Not my salivary gland and (3) the world renowned Larynx/Pharynx Specialist diagnosed me with Laryngeal Neuralgia.  So, I hoope you strike gold with your first appointment so your suffering is short!!!
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