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parathyroid hormone

I have a 11.1 calcium level (high)with the parathyroid test coming back with 86.  I had a nuclear scan done earlier this week, what are we looking for?  
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The scan is probably to determine which of your parathyroid glands is overactive and causing 'too much' calcium to be taken from the bones and put into the blood stream.

Our health pages (above; to the right) have a link to a site with information on parathyroid disease.  Also there is a commercial website called parathyroid.com that has a lot of really good information.

I had hyperparathyroidism disease that started with high calcium readings like what you mentioned and culminated with surgery to remove the overactive gland.

Keep in touch.
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So after the surgery you felt like a human being again?  I am always so tired and don't feel like doing anything, overwieght, throat hurts most days as does the head.  I just want to feel good again and be myself.  Do you take any type of meds to regulate the thyroid?  thanks for answering me.   this has been a year for me.  Diagnoised with breast cancer, mastectomy in Oct, so far so good with that, but still do not feel like I should.
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Yes.  The surgery relieved a lot of symptoms I had unknowingly lived with for many years.  What I thought were ‘just me’ things were actually symptoms of an adenoma on my parathyroid gland causing all kinds of problems.

In a separate issue, but found at the same time, was a problem with my thyroid.  It was enlarged, all over the place and therefore removed during the same surgery.  Because of that I take thyroid med.  My theory is my two glands became problems when the issues with one were pressing on the other, or visa versa.   I also had a gallbladder problem and think that might be related too.  But that’s not to say multiple issues need be the case for everyone.  I’ve read many stories of folks just having one bad parathyroid gland and that’s it.

You must be a strong person to go through and get through what you’ve experienced so far.  I hope you have continued success.

Let's hope this issue gets resolved soon for you.  Keep in touch.
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Thanks so much for helping try to understand what is going on.  I had my gall bladder out about 10 years ago.  I have a apt with my breast surgeon today.  Since I could not get into see the endocronoligst until May 22, and had been in for my 6 month breast cancer check up, my surgeon said he would order the scan after looking at my blood tests and the recent papathyroid hormone test.  Hopefully today will be the news of let's fix this and get me back to feeling good.  I'll be in touc :)   again thank you .
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I think being already in the hands of a surgeon is a good thing.  They seem to have the whole scope of privileges, ergo, allowing a skip over the time it takes to wait for other drs (just my thoughts).

Good luck.  Keep me posted.
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It's weird that I would come across your post today.  I was doing research on hyper parathyroid because of my calcium levels being in the upper normal limits and having so many unexplained symptoms I came across this website about a Dr. in Florida and parathyroid surgery.  This website has a lot of insight.
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Hello! I too had the wonderful experience of dealing with a parathyroid tumor.I had 11 of the 16 signs and symptoms listed on Parathyroid.com and had to argue with my Dr to have a PTH test done...Needless to say, I was right. After getting the bugger removed (it was the size of a chicken egg!), I felt like a new person...I'd had elevated calcium levels documented for 2 years (and had unknowingly had symptoms for 4). I formed kidney stones (7 of them!), gall stones, had headaches every day, urinated about every 30 min all day and night, and had chronic back pain and heartburn...also had symptoms of perimenopause...The morning after the surgery, I felt different...No headaches, heartburn, back aching...I have a nearly invisible scar now, and only have to continue taking calcium supplements to hopefully restore the calcium stores I lost...The florida doc's name is J Norman...if your sestamibi scan was done right, your tumor will show...(Mine looked like a light bulb!) Oh, not to worry...98% of them are noncancerous...Good luck! let us know what the scan showed!
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Back for the doctor's, he says "good news', I'm not so sure!! I am scheduled for a Parathyroidectomy with radiolabel on Monday afternoon.  Hopefully this is going to clear up everything and I will have energy and be "me" again.   Thanks for all the great posts and encouraging words, it has helped me get through this last couple of days.  I'll keep you up to date.
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Wow!  That's a fast turn around.

Good luck on everything.  I will be thinking good thoughts for you on Monday afternoon.

Please keep sharing.
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Make sure your surgeon is experienced in these operations and has done over a hundred of them! The parathyroid glands vary in their location, and if done wrong, your nerves to your larynx (voice box) can be damaged, rendering you speechless...Or your thyroid can be messed up...I'm not trying to scare you, I just want you to have a great outcome...Hopefully, you have a good and experienced surgeon...Good luck...Let us know how you do!
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