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I am a 44 year old woman, who has no energy, tired all the time and clear thinking is just not happening. I went to an endocronoligist yesterday and he wants to put me on medication to absord calicum, I do not think this is getting to the root of the problem. These are my results
TSh 0.956
T4 6.3
T3 (uptake) 27
PTH 29
blood calcium 11.6
24 hour urine calicum test 388.7
From what I have read it seems as though it is my parathyroid that is the problem.  The doctor seems to only be concered with kidney stones and wants to put me med for that.  Help!  Any suggestions/thoughts will be appreciated.
thank you,
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What makes you think is your parathyroid. This condition is very rare.

Have you gone to an Ear, nose and throat specialist, or have your Endocrinologist to check out the following.

Hyperparathyroidism - blood tests to check for calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and PTH levels; bone x-rays; kidney scans. A small tag of tissue may be removed and analysed (biopsy).
Hypoparathyroidism - blood tests to check for calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and PTH levels; tests (including ECG) to check for heart arrhythmia (irregular heart beat).
Multiple endocrine neoplasia 1 - blood tests; scans, including MRI and CT scans.

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Sorry this is so late, but I am new here.  The next time that you pass a kidney stone, save it and demand that it be analyzed.  Depending upon it's composition, then get a referral to a nephrologist (? as to spelling).  The kidney specialist will start you on the right diet to decrease the number of kidney stones that are developing.  Your blood calcium level is high, as is your urine calcium.  They need to also check your vitamin D levels.  Not all endocrinologist are well versed in disorders of the parathyroid glands.  I am a patient at a major research/medical complex and they do not have all of the answers, but this is the type of facility that you may need to go for help.  I had two parathyroid adenomas removed and my parathyroid level, serum and urine calciums are elevated again, so they think I have parathyroid hyperplasia and possibly multiple endocrine neoplasia.  I also have kidney stones, high blood pressure,fatigue, neck pain, and intestinal problems.
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Hi There, Did you that leg pain that felt like it was in your bones?
I just found out I have high Calcuim throught a blood test but did not think much about it or get my lab copies yet going back to GP on 17th and still looking for a new endo in my Area.

TY Terri
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