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I have been having strange symptoms since march which include tingling tongue and lips someitmes my teeth even hurt. When I wake up I feel a crackling on the left side of my face, Went to Dr, and he ordered and mri everthing was ok. Then went to an ent  and he ordered a cat scan but they missed the left side so have to go again on Wednesday. He suggested that it could be parathryoid. Has anyone ever experienced these symptoms that has had parathyroid problems. Thanks for any responses.
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Have any of these doctors ordered a metabolic panel and calcium tests yet? The bloodwork should have been their first step. I would even ask for B12 test as well. I can't believe they rush to do scans without bloodwork first. Tell them what you want and take control and see what happens. Good luck and I hope you feel better.
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Personally, I think your dr is proceeding in a logical manner.  Since you described symptoms being on one side, the dr probably needed to first rule out a stroke.

I’m sorry you have to go through yet another CT Scan (that’s strange they missed the very side you’re having issues with (?)).

I had a parathyroid tumor and can vaguely recall some of the symptoms you describe, but they weren’t my most prominent ones.  On the other hand, anything’s possible.  

Hopefully, they will get to the bottom of all this.
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Im waiting for my Dr. to call tonight or tommorow. Im going to ask for the bloodwork to be done and if any previous bloodwork showed increased calcuim levels. Then do the cat scan. I know I can't believe they missed whole left sinus especially since I told them that side was the one bothering me. Actually when I layed down for the scan I got really dizzy heart racing etc. not sure why so I was calling out to them  and they didn't come in waving hands etc so I jumped off table and opened door. They were not even looking in on me and one of them was on the phone with her daughter. I think I shocked them. Once standing and I took a drink of water I was ok.  The thing that bothers me is I have called the office 3 times once after the mri and twice after that asking for the dr. to call me etc. When I called today  they said nothing was noted on chart. A stoke have shown on an mri  right? I was told that the mri was ok.
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I'd let the facility know what happened to you during your MRI.

I hope at this point you got that call and have more answers.  
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