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pernicious anemia

I recently was informed that I also have pernicious anemia. I have started recieving B-12 injections. Does pernicious anemia and thyroid issues go together? I am wondering that if once I have my surgery, and finally get some medications to regulate my TSH, if the anemia will improve? Anyone with any thoughts about this?
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Go to www.allthyroid.org and search pernicious anemia.  It might give you some answers.
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Yes, they can. Hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia are both autoimmune diseases. As far as I have read, treating the thyroid will not fix the low b12. You will need b12 supplementation for life. Not too bad, really.There is recent research that suggests that oral b12 if as effective, if not more so, than IM b12.

Pernicious Anemia in 2 csaes of Subclinical Hypothyroidism- article:

Macrocytic anemia associated with autoimmune thyroiditis can result from
malabsorption of either folate or vitamin B12. As many as 10% of the patients
with hypothyroidism, caused by autoimmune thyroiditis, have pernicious
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Yes, they can be related.  I have pernicious anemia (PA).  I don't have hypo or hyper thyroidism but my research of PA did come across a link between PA and other autoimmune disease like thyroid, type 1 diabetes, and ulcerative colitis.  I recently had a benign mass removed from my thyroid so, maybe, this is how my thyroid issues presented.

Do you/your doctors know "why" you're B12 deficient?  It can be result of diet (if you don't eat enough B12 rich foods) or malabsortion.  My PA presented neurologically, rather than anemia.  They found my B12 to be low but then they had to figure out why.  First, they tested for methylmalonic acid.  High levels indicate B12 deficiency.  Mine was very high. Then they tested to see if my body was creating antibodies against parietal cell or intrinsic factor (both required for absorption of B12).  I had antibodies to intrinsic factor.   Thus, we knew that is wasn't a matter of me not eating enough B12 enriched foods.  I'm not able to absorb B12 through food.  Now, I take 1cc of B12 monthly and feel great.

The tricky thing about B12 related anemia is that the anemia can actually be corrected by taking folic acid or eating foods rich in folic acid. If this happens, your anemia gets better but your body is still NOT absorbing B12 and you may go on to develop other symptoms, including neurological symptoms.  So if your anemia goes away without taking B12 don't consider yourself better.... keep taking your B12.  I attached a link that describes the available tests to determine the "why" part:


Good luck!      
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Hmmm.... I took a very low dose of Effexor (37.5) for a couple of years and then developed nodule.  I wonder if Effexor is just a very common med and so are thyroid nodules, or if there is a connection.  I didn't know it was listed as a "rare occurrence".... interesting.
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Sorry...post above regarding Effexor intended for another thread!
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Thanks for the info on PA. I am in the testing stages and am waiting on the results.
I am glad you could add your personal experience for pplilaccavy. Helps me, too. Do you mind if I ask what your presenting symptoms were? How quickly did they resolve?

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