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please answer

I went to the doc because I've been so tired. My eyes are strained I've gained weight and feel awful. Tsh level was 6.31 t3 was 3.5 and t4 was 0.7 She wants me to wait 3 months to retest. I feel like a zombi. Should I look for another doctor?
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Wait for the three months and retest to see if both test relate the same.  There could be a possible error, so best to test twice before diagnosing and/or treating.

If you want to know more you can  to the Doctor Thyroid Forum and ask Dr. Lupo at http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/120      OR
at left of page almost top, under "Thyroid Disorders" in red click on "thyroid" it will take you to the forum.

If you have posted more than one post per the sites rules for doctors forums, you probably won't get answered.  Or if the forum is full and not taking any more questions for the day, you can try another day.

Good luck and Best of health!
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If you feel awful, don't wait, find another doctor and do another test..Good doctor treat symptoms, not just look at the test numbers.  your TSH is a little high, T3 is fine, T4 is on the low side... based on the chart, these numbers are not bad, but if your body don't like it, you need to do something. may be your body like mine, I have to have low TSH and high FT3 and FT4 to feel good. .
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A good doctor worth his salt in his/hers expensive education will not diagnose and treat by symptoms alone. Thyroid symptoms are so
non-specific.  In other words, a lot of other health conditions have the same symptoms as thyroid, it is very difficult to distinguish where the symptoms are coming from or which health conditions are the cause.
Plus none of the thyroid hormone medications or drugs are a 100 percent cure-all for symptoms. You might have to treat each symptom separately from each other.
However, once diagnosed and on treatment doctor might take into consideration symptoms along with your levels to adjust med. dose.

If you go to another doctor, it will be like starting all over again.  To be sure about your levels not being in error stay with present doctor until you get the second test done with results. If still not happy with doctors strategy, then find another doctor.
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Proper labs for treatment do matter. They pushed me onto meds at a TSH of 6 ( tested just above 6 two times, tpo 1238, thyroid looks terrible on US ) and they made me almost instantly hyper, persisted in the treatment and finally took me off meds two months ago and I am STILL hyper and actually sick when I wasn't before. Unrelenting insomnia, night sweats, weightloss ( I was skinny to start with), nausea, jaw pain, muscle weakness (hyper weightloss is largely muscle tissue, it's not fat ) and on heart medicine. My TSH has been below  0.04 since last July/August.

If you ask your own doctor for meds perhaps get a small dose to start ( not the therapeutic level ) and get TSH checked frequently.

The doc on this forum,  will recommend trying meds for most who really really want them. Even this doctor has stated, to those subclinicals who say they don't want meds yet, that there is no compelling evidence that treating a TSH under 10 is beneficial. I wish I'd known that before they pushed me into the latest trend.
It can  be harmless to some to treat subclinical hypothyroidism, but to others it can do harm.

If you continue to feel bad you can tell your own doctor that you'd like to try starting a small dose to see if your symptoms improve.

If it is not basically thyroid type weight (fluid retention about 10-15 pounds) meds will probably not result in weight-loss. Weight-loss will likely require dietary changes and increased activity level.

You should see an eye doctor for problems with your eyes. They can often tell what it's from. If the eye doctor believes it's thyroid-related he or she will contact your own doctor.

I am really getting uncomfortable with telling people to, or not to, take medication on this forum. You should discuss the pros and cons with a doctor and make sure they watch you every 6 weeks until you are stable.
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I truly feel for your predicament but to say that doctors will treat those "who really want them" i.e with meds- It implies that the doctor is pandering.
Are these doctor's knowingly and willingly risking their patient's lives and their own practice? Mistakes happen, that is a given.
Should we assume that many of Dr. Lupo's (and the like) who treat patients with a TSH 3.0+ with antibodies and/or goiter are walking around in a hyperthyroid state? They feel worse?

To use your experience as justification for no meds until the TSH is 10+ is NOT justifiable. Just as you can find legitimate literature stating that treating patients with a TSH 3.0 or under 10. is not beneficial, so too will you find a contrary.

From what I am finding, those who study this field and are in the "now" are revising their previous understandings of this subject. A conspiracy?

You are not the example but only an example. Yes, it matters but it does not undermine the validity in treating patients with a TSH of 3.0+ who has antibodies and/or goiter.

Being cautious is a good thing...fear-another.
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97628 tn?1204465633
I have antibodies at 1238 and a goiter and nodules too. Yes, I do advocate caution. If my story is scary to someone, that's their response. I'm not scared, I'm just worse off then when I unwittingly wandered into this early intervention.
I'd never given a thought to my thyroid.

I merely state the fact that it is not shown to be beneficial before 10 and to take that into consideration before taking meds because they can make you hyper. Not subclicincally hyper, actually hyper. I did not say not to take them (or TO take them) because that's not my place.
Any other characterization of my remarks is in the mind of the reader.

Dr, Lupo has used the words that he thinks "it won't hurt" to "try it out", some may "feel better" and  has even said that some may have a "placebo effect".

I am sure I am certainly not the only person in the world hyper from thyroid meds. It's risk vs benefit. My internist is observably disgusted by my situation, due to my AACE guideline following Harvard/Hopkins educated endo who made no "mistakes" because the guidelines are open for antibodies and goiters, right?

It seems some subset of people, who want meds personally, attack people who do not particularly advocate subclinical intervention. They seem to feel very insecure or intimidated by the other viewpoint and that is laughable as you can always find a doctor who will prescribe the stuff.

What is said here is of no consequence in the world of rx.

People should speak to their doctors about their treatment and not take action on medication advice from people on the Internet who are not competent to give it.

No one here has more to offer than their personal opinion and experience unless they have a medical  degree with a focus in endocrinology or have  just completed a large, verified, REPLICATED, scientifically valid study that states clear and concrete benefit.

If you want conspiracy theories look for Armour thyroid advocates who have lists of the AACE's donors .

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I found the following post on another (Mary Shomon's)  thyroid forum, very interesting, but many people on that forum agree with him. I agree with him too since I switched 3 endos during the last 9 years. My current dr. is very good. he work with me on every details of my body. make sure I feel 100% great...

Here is the copy of that post:

You are exactly correct -- I had a couple of Endos who were jerks and I fired them.  The one Endo had my TSH down at 0.6 and I was a mess with hyper symptoms.  He told me I was having cardiac events.  What a bunch of **** and I told him that.  I run 3-4 miles 5 days a week , run up mountains in Colorado when I am there -- and I am an active weigth lifter in the Army. I had my physical stress test 2 years ago and passed it with flying colors -- so I told him he was full of you know what.  Cardiac event my a%^! -- I am hyper whenever my TSH gets below 1.5 it is that simple I don't care what these Endos think.  My current Dr treats me on how I feel.  I told him I was feeling hyper with my last TSH of 0.8 and he said, sure cut back a bit, but bot too much.  And, I did and I am feeling much better.  I don't rely on Dr's anymore as I rely on me and listen to my body, I know it better than they do, because it is my body. I am more than a lab number, you know?....my normal TSH range is 1.5 -4.0, other people may be different, but I only worry about myself...

I have looked back at my records and I feel great with a TSH from 2-4 -- keep me in there and I am fine.

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