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please help with lab results, low TSH, low T3, median T4?

Referred to an Endocrinologist for being Hyper. Waiting for the Office to call me with an appointment date. In the meantime I have been going crazy trying to interpret the results of my tests. I know I am not Hyper. No energy, weight gain, anxiety, cold intolerance, actually break out in hives when I get cold & have for years...Here are my results and ranges

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 26 ng/mL Range 30-96

Ferritin, 70  ng/mL   Range 10-190

Vitaming B12, 791 ng/mL   Range 213-816

Lp-PLA2, 216.17 ng/mL Range <= 200

LDL-R(Real)-C 114 mg/dL Range <100

Sum Total Cholesterol 226 mg/dL <200

TSH with Reflux TSH .30 uIU/mL Range .35 - 4.94

Free T3 2.52 pg/mL Range 1.71-3.71

Free T4 1.05 ng/dL Range .70-1.48

Phosphorus 3.2 mg/dL Range 2.3-4.7

Any and all input advice greatly appreciated!!! Thank You

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Obviously your doctor is only looking at TSH and not the rest of your thyroid labs... Neither your Free T3 nor Free T4 indicate that you are hyper; in fact, they both lean toward the hypo (low) end of the scale.  Low thyroid hormone levels and low TSH, indicates Central hypothyroidism... If you were hyper, your Free T3 and Free T4 would be near the top of the reference ranges (or above range), with the low TSH...

Central hypothyroidism means that the problem is in the pituitary/hypothalamus axis, not in your thyroid gland.  With central hypothyroidism, the pituitary doesn't produce enough TSH to stimulate the thyroid to produce enough thyroid hormones.  

Your elevated cholesterol is also suggestive of hypothyroidism, not hyperthyroidism.

Your vitamin D level is also way too low - did your doctor advise you to supplement vitamin D?

Please tell us what symptoms you're experiencing.
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fatigued but can never sleep for more than a few hours at a time but I have never slept good for as long as I can remember, drained in the morning when I get up, cry over everything but don't feel like I am in a deep depression I just get upset and get over it if that makes any sense, weight gain 10+ pounds in the past month, I have a weird feeling almost like an earache but just a slight discomfort in both ears that comes and goes and have had a few headaches but nothing terrible, I have always had an intolerance to cold. I literally break out in hives when I get cold all over my thighs and stomach and upper arms but it never lasts long. I was diagnosed with ADD and have been taking adderall for the past 7 years. No other medications. Without the adderall I can barely function. Now I'm wondering if my thyroid has been the problem all along.
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Also the Dr didn't put me on anything just said she was referring me to endo for being hypo and went over the lab results and did say my cholesterol was high (which I have never had high cholesterol before) and my vitamin D was low. It's been 2 weeks and they still have not called me for an appointment. I am 40 years old & have always been active. I used to be able to exercise and loose weight fairly easily. Now I could run 5 miles everyday and not loose an ounce. If I even look at a potato chip I gain two pounds, at least that is how I feel right now. So frustrating.
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Now you're confusing me... Originally, you said you were being referred to an endo for being hyper, now you're saying you were referred to the endo for being hypo... I agree that you're hypo and your symptoms bear this out, but is that really what your doctor said?

Symptoms of ADD are often those of hypothyroidism.  Once you get treatment for hypothyroidism, you might find that you don't need the Adderall, or possibly not as much of it.  
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Sorry...Typo...She is referring me to the Endo for being HYPER
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