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post thyroid removal -- how to adjust dose

I had my thyroid removed (cancer) 25 years ago and was on .125 mg Synthroid through young adulthood, 2 pregnancies and beyond.  2 years ago my primary physician said I should lower my dose, because new research showed a link w/ heart disease and too high dose and switched me to 100 Synthroad.  Despite working out every day, I gained 35 pounds in the 18 months after the dose change.  I kept being told my "range" was "normal." Well, it was normal on my old dose too!!  I've recently moved and my new MD switched me back to my old dose.  I am ever so slowly able to lose some weight (about 7 lbs in 3 months), but am starting to have trouble getting a good breath on many occasions.  I actually feel better when I exercise.  The little attacks are when I am sitting in the car or at work and they are very anxiety provoking.  Any impliications here for my new-old dose?  I went from a size 8 to a size 12 when my dose was changed down and could not stop the gain no matter what I did, but I didn't have these "anxiety" symptoms.  Any advice??  Thanks so much.
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How long have you been on the new-old dose?

It may take a few months to get over the symptoms of being hypo. First your hormones need to fall back into normal ranges, and then it will be a bit for the symptoms to clear up.

Do you know what your TSH was all those years before your old doctor changed your dose? Do you know what it was before the latest adjustment?

Just curious.
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There is  a lot to put into the mix when dealing with cancer and supression vs. re-occurence.  What you describe to me is what I get when too hyper .. yet it is "normal" according to labs.   Just the other day I took 2 doses too close together (only 12hrs apart) and got those symptoms as you describe and was perplexed 'til I realized why.

You need to get the TSH #'s and talk about supression vs. heart disease vs. bone calcium issues, too, with your dr(s) an even get a 2nd opinion.

It's a quality of life coupled with cancer coupled with the right TSH that is right for you ..

TSH 1.8
75mcg synthroid
papillary micro's 1/07
other side intact with 4.0mm stable nodule
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Good points ChitChat.
Many factors to consider and concerns to address.

That's why I was wondering what the TSH history is.

Oh, and welcome to the forum Margo.

Beat you to it Cheryl! LOL!!!
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