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preparing for Thyrogen scan?

Brief history:  papillary carcinoma with spread to cervical and mediastinal nodes (Stage II); TT 12/07; RAI (200mCi) 2/08.  MRI for salivary gland infection 7/08 revealed a suspicious node.  Biopsy 8/08 showed papillary cells. Tg is 1.3, post-surgery 2.3.  We don't know if this is recurrent, or residual from first surgery/RAI.  I'm scheduled for WBS with Thyrogen on 9/11, but have questions.

I had iodine as antiseptic for the biopsy (alergic to Chloraprep); don't I have to wait 6 weeks for iodine to clear for accurate uptake with the scan?

My endo didn't mention LID to prep for scan (I forgot to ask and am waiting for a return call).  Shouldn't I have LID for 2 weeks pre-scan?  (I did 3 1/2 weeks LID before first scan/RAI; I wanted SUPER uptake.)

According to Thyrogen website, they have a 5 day test schedule (Day 1: shot; Day 2: shot; Day 3: tracer dose; Day 4: nothing; Day 5: WBS).  My endo has me on a 4 day schedule (eliminating the empty fourth day).  Is that enough time for the Thyrogen to do its thing, as well as the tracer dose?

Also, will I most likely be able to work after the shots, or should I prepare for a day or two off work?

Thanks, all.
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I have been told that it is important to follow the 5 day protocol for Thyrogen.  I have done Thyrogen 3 times, and each time I did the LID for 2 weeks. Good luck.
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1. Don't have any info on the iodine.

2. I recently did my 6 month post op scan with thyrogen injections and did NOT do the LID.  I did it the first time for 2 weeks but I also went into a fantastic state of hypohe// instead of the injections.

3. My test schedule was on the 5 day plan, I would ask your doc about doing the scan after 4 days. I'm sure it'll be fine.

4. Yes, you will be able to work after the shots. I didn't feel any different.  
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