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problems stem from stitches?

Surgeon finally started me on an antibiotic last night. Now today the pain in my neck is worse!! It feels like Im being stabbed in the neck, espically when I turn my head to the right. I'm SO tired of all of this. Still have the fever....day 14 now.
I remembered tonight that my dad is allergic to stitches. He said he's had more problems with the kind that dissolve. I know my surgeon said that inside I had those but they would dissolve at about 2 weeks. Well that would about now. I have had hundreds ( yes hundreds) of the regular kind they take out but this is the first time for the ones that dissolve
I am wondering if the pain, swelling, and the fever could be caused by the stitches. Of course the surgeons office is closed tommorow....figures......
  She had switched me from vicodin to torodol but now that isnt working at all. I took a whole torodol with 1/2 a vicodin after supper and have no relief at all! I feel like screaming!!!!

I knew once I started an antibiotic that I would, WOULD, start feeling better not worse! This is just nuts.....sigh...

Does this make any sense?  Im  desperate to figure this out

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Yes.  My aunt does the same thing!  When she had the old fashioned gall bladder surgery the internal stitches infected b/c of the allergies and she had to be opened back up to clean it out.  Hopefully they don't have to do that any more, but it does make total sense now.  Personally, if it was me, I think I'd be in the ER right now trying to make them figure it out and give me some relief.

For the last week I have been KO'd by and infection that started in my left jaw and went into my lymphatic system all in the left side of my head and neck.  The worst night of it was PURE agony.  The dr couldn't believe with all that that I wasn't runny a fever.  Well, I didn't even bother to try and tell him I was, it was 98.9 and I usually run 96.2.  I know that you've had the same problem.

Do you have pain and swelling in the lymph nodes?  Is it red looking?  Does it feel hot to the touch?  Okay, really gross now, but is there any smell from it?  Maybe if it is just an allergic reaction benedryl would help.  Maybe warm compresses also.  If there is infection warm compresses may help it drain and give you some relief.  Also the pain meds aren't anti-inflammatories.  Are you able to take something like that also?

Don't know if any of this helped or not, let me know.  I am praying for fast relief for you.
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I was on antibiotics for quite some time after my incision bcz of the stitch thing you describe but mine became abscessed... didn't have to go back in .... finally subsided but slam dunked me on longer time for incision to become *invisible*.  Benadryl is a good idea if allowed.  

Then for all my recent mole excisions same thing ... look up something called "spitting suture" and this may be what you have, too, going on .. the stitch disolves but instead of being reabsorbed by the body it rejects it and then it makes its way to the surface for ejection like a splinter!!! Starts by being itchy and you think you are healing LOL only to be surprised a few days later it hurts like HE)) and then one makes its way out!  Maybe something like this going on but not coming out and sitting there causing infection??

Hope you feel better soon and call soon if not any relief as they may change the script if resistant.

99% of the time it is staphlococcus.

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Theres plenty of swelling ( still have a golf ball size knot )and there is redness. No draining or anything because the dermabond is still there, darn thing wont even budge,......hmm...maybe thats not such a good thing after all......cant say if the lymph nodes are swollen because that whole area is swollen...hmm...wasnt that that bad last weekend.

When I saw the surgeon for post-op hubby asked her if swelling/knot could be from fluid, she said yes but didnt want to go sticking needles in....yet. I'm suppose to call them on friday to let them know how I'm doing( told me this monday)...almost afraid to think about.

Finally something that makes sense!!!!
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I had the same problem with my stitches in my neck.  It was the first time for those particular stitches.  My ENT surgeon pushed me off and said normal.  NOT NORMAL!!!  It is still sensitive and swollen (nearing 2 years post-op).  I recently had moles removed and they used the same stitches they used on my neck.  Same reaction.  So, when I went back for the next set to be removed she put me on antibiotics to treat the first ones and then used a different kind of stitch for the second ones.  I had no problems with the second set.  They look great now, but the first set is still BRIGHT RED/PURPLE!!!
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Yes. Chromium catgut ones are used sometimes and  Vicryl, Vicryl Plus is treated with Triclosan I believe. I had horrors after oral surgery years back. They spit out AND swelled so much one burst and left a dent inside that's still there. The Vicryl suture is well tolerated by most people and I guess reduces post op infections overall, but is not well-tolerated by absolutely everyone.

Perhaps they should do some sort of  a "scratch test" with the different materials at the pre op appointments.
This was many years ago, but I was miserable enough to look it up at the time and I remember.
I would have thought they'd have changed by now, but I guess a sensitivity is a sensitivity and that's that.

It's also half- cr*p about the 2 weeks. Yes, they DO break down signifcantly in a few weeks, but I (literally and figuratively) "spit" one out of my mouth over a month after LOLOLOL

This is a wandering thought so forgive it..but you wonder about people with thyroid problems to begin with. If the body attacks our thyroid are we more prone to have other types of  sensitive reactions?
Any studies on autoimmune patients having more allergies/sensitivities as well?
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The more I read and see other posts the more I'm believing that this is my problem. Promised the boys a trip to the water park today ( froze my rear end off!!) came home and STILL had a fever. 99.4
Drs office was closed today but will call tommorow if the fever hasnt broke. They have to DO something.
  The pain is bothering me more then the fever. Last night was THE first night I have slept in bed since the surgery. I move around too much and I HURT in the morning.
Surgery was the 9th I should have NO pain now unless I do something stupid........I should'nt hurt just from sitting in a chair.
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I am a microbiologist.  If they have not cultured your incision, then they should.  Prescribing antibiotics postoperatively usually indicates that the surgeon suspects an infection, even if they won't admit it to the patient. I have actually cultured Staphylococcus from a surgical wound that the surgeon insisted was not infected, but put the patient on antibiotics because he had a "little stitch abscess", (which is an infection, duh).  

The most effective treatment is one that is targeted to the organism causing the infection (assuming it is an infection), and the only way to know for sure what the bug is and what antibiotics will work is to culture it (grow the bug) and test it. You should insist on that if you aren't feeling better by tomorrow.  

However, I also have heard of people having reactions to sutures, so there is still that possibility.

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What you say is so true ......... I was about ready to insist on a culture too and mine was oozing a bit so wouldn't be too hard to capture a sample!  

Somehow these surgeons put all of us into a league of a mold and really have to be pushed to realize that sometimes a very small % aren't the same as the rest.

Ut oh .... now the ?'s may come your way .. you've divuldged your background LOL.

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Since I joined the forum to pick your brains, I think it's only fair to send microbiology questions my way. I can't guarantee how many I can answer, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

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